Positive Green Pendulum/ Zinc



Positive Green Pendulum/ Zinc

We have created this pendulum for those who do not have access to vibratory radiesthetic tools in order for them to benefit from the healing and healthy vibrations of Positive Green radiesthetic color.

G+ or Positive Green is the vibration found in Nature. it balances naturally the noxious energies found in geopathic and technopathic stress. It uplifts, relaxes, soothes and relieves from mental, physical and emotional energetic stress.

An ideal tool to use before AND after our dowsing sessions when we may have encountered noxious energies. The use of this pendulum will help neutralize these frequencies in our energy fields, our clothes and other tools.

Moreover, this pendulum has also a charge of Zinc with all the benefits of this important element in terms of strengthening the inmune system, the digestive system, supporting the metabolisation of energy, helping the body create hormones, repair and grow cells etc.

How to use the pendulum: A simple way is to administer the vibrations of this pendulum by spinning it at the level of the solar plexus which is an entry point of energy into the body where it will get distributed. Let the pendulum spin clockwise until it stops which indicates that your energy field has taken all it needed for now. Anchor close and seal the process by a gentle hand movement, as if you were closing the solar plexus and letting all the energies come into your body and energy field.

You may also choose to spin the pendulum over objects, surfaces in your living environment to reintroduce the healthy G+ vibrations.

We have received very positive feedbacks on this pendulum used on animals who trully benefit from this uplifting energy.

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English
Wooden sphere, natural color clear wood. Weght: 20 gr aprox.



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