Apricot Seeds Pendulum



Apricot Seeds Pendulum

Apricot seeds are high in vitamin B specially vitamin B17 which contains Laetril a component that has been found beneficial to combat certain parasites that have been found present in cases of cancer.

This natural remedy has been used in cases where vitamin B is needed, for skin conditions such as eccemas, seborrhea and as a general strengthener of the natural defense mechanism of the human and animal system.

This pendulum can be used to provide vibrational nutrition, and also as an antiparasitic pendulum.

How to use this pendulum:

The pendulum introduces in a very sasfe and non toxic way the Apricot seeds at a vibrational level. Determine the ideal surface area in which you want to introduce the vibration of the pendulum. Or else, place the pendulum over the solar plexus area which will act as an energetic “mouth” receiving the vibrations of the pendulum and redistributing it all over the energy field of the person/animal treated. Let the pendulum swing clockwise until it stops naturally. This will be the sign that for the time being, the person/animal has received all the vibrations needed. Determine with another pendulum when would your client require another dose, in how many hours, days and provide this follow up treatment accordingly.

Finish the transmission with a hand movement over the solar plexus or the area your work on as if you close the transmission, anchoring it and storing the vibrational transmission into the energy field of the client/animal. This will prevent the vibrational information from spreading into the room unnecessarily.

Important. Please remember these pendulums are NOT substitutes to proper medical care. They provide exclusively vibrational information to the energy field of a living organism.



Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF english

Weight: 20 grams aprox



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