Bach Flowers (38) pendulum



Bach Flowers Pendulum

This pendulum has a charge of all 38 Bach flower remedies as originally envisioned by Mr Bach. The pendulum is based on technology developed by Jozef Baj using the shape of the Osiris head to transmit the vibration of all flowers to a living organism depending on their needs and requests.

This pendulum is very beneficial for both humans and animals whenever a disturbance in the emotional field is found through dowsing methods. The pendulum works by activating it slightly with a gentle touch over a wooden surface and allowing it to spin clockwise over the selected area until the pendulum stops spinning by itself.  The energy field of humans and animals is intelligent and is able to draw from the pendulum the exact Bach flower remedy or combination of flowers needed to return to perfect balance. It will draw the flowers in the right dosage and combination.

Once the pendulum stops spinning, anchor store and seal the process with a gentle touch of your hand over the area. You can ask with a mental pendulum when would the person/animal need another intervention with the Bach Flower pendulum.

Please note that: the emotional body is surrounding the whole physical body and thus you might need to operate the pendulum in unusual areas. Follow your guidance and your intuition. Explore, improvise and check for yourself.

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Disclaimer: pendulums are no substitutes to proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English offered by Baj Pendulos Spain

Size: 7,5cm long x 6cm wide

Material: Beech wood

Weight: 50gr

Made by: BAJ

This pendulum was first developed by Baj´s German distributor following fully Jozef Baj´s lifelong research. We have been requested to signal this and mention the following:

Neue Radiästhesie nach Brigitta Schmidt

Additional information

Weight 81 g


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