The Physio Pendulum

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The Physio Pendulum

(Humans and animals)

We have created a unique combination of the most powerful ingredients used by the most performant physiotherapists to help and support all conditions of the structure of our bodies: Bones, ligaments, muscles, joints etc. This special pendulum also has the Pure Centering Vibration which will help ground your client or yourself or your animal in their pure presence, the essence of their Being.

The remedies used in this pendulum are of the highest therapeutic grade, fully organic. They are very well known remedies that support the following conditions. rheumatoid arthritis,edema, bone conditions, bursitis, connective tissue, restless legs, muscular issues, herniated disc, sciatica, spine issues, lumbago, neck pain, scars, inflamation, infection, joint stiffness, hemorrhoids, knees, cartilage issues, hematomas, athleet foot, ligament issues, muscular spasms, circulation issues, energetic blockages, stagnant Qi life force, etc.

Here are some of the ingredients used: Gaulteria, Arnica, Magnesium, Calendula, Camomille, Tea Tree, MSM,Turmeric, OPC(Resveratrol), Geranium, Cypress, Lavander, Peppermint, Rosemary, Myrrh, Clove, Black Pepper, Basil, Ravensara, Juniper, Pine, Birch, Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme, Lemongrass, Lemon, Frankincense, Hyssop, Nard, Grapefruit, Ginger, Castor Oil.

How to use this pendulum:

If you are a Physiotherapist, use this pendulum over the areas you would be normally working on your client. Connect with your intention to your client and let the pendulum move along the afflicted area with the intention to remove any blockages and support the healing of the condition being treated. Let the pendulum swing for as long its necessary (don´t force the movement). Once the pendulum stops, that area has received all the vibrations necessary for the time being. With a hand gesture as if you were “closing” the area treated, anchor and seal the vibrations in the area so that your client can benefit from them.  You can then move on to the next area and repeat the operation until you finish and the pendulum does no move any more when you place it over your client.

If you are not a Physiotherapist, you can work similarly by locating the painful areas and letting the pendulum swing over them as you hold the intention to remove blockages, support the healing of the area, relief pain, relax muscles, alleviate sciaticas etc. Let the pendulum swing until it stops moving, then anchor and seal the area with a hand gesture as if you store the vibrations into the area.You might need to do some research on the condition of your client to locate the begining of the problem, or other areas where this could be manifesting, or else follow your client´s input where it hurts him or she. If you aren´t trained practitionner or masseur some countries and states might not allow you to touch your client. Great! as dowsing is non invasive and you do not need to touch your client. You can also work with body charts in tele-radiesthesia. If you do not know how to work in such a way, book a dowsing course wherever you live or stay tuned to our online course in English soon to be launched. Alternatively you can book an hour of tuition with us, check our Coaching and supervision section. A great book to get you familiar with the body and its structure is Touch for Health by John. F. Thie.

A more advanced use of this pendulum is the combination of the energies of particular frequencies contained in the pendulum AND your intuition targeting specific goals such as:

-Edema  calling on the power of Ginger, Cypress and Lavender an affirmation to support you could be to say out loud as you start spinning the pendulum over the area with an edema:

I call forth the full power of the highest form of Ginger, Cypress and Lavender in their most convenient doses to heal this Edema, resolving its causes and the negative consequences of this condition, thank you.

NOTE: The Physio pendulum is not just for physio work, because its ingredients will work on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes. You can select this pendulum to work with a client in different situations, not just the physio context. Let your intuition guide you as to when to use it. It is coming up for me and my clients frequently.

Video Presentation:

Important: If you are allergic to any ingredients in this pendulum do not worry as the information transmited by the pendulum is vibrational in nature. Normally allergies are activated when the body enters in physical touch with the source of allergy either by skin touch or breathing. In this case, you are receiving the vibrational frequencies of these remedies which do not touch your body. Your energy field will draw from the pendulum only the vibrations it requires to regain balance, ignoring the rest. If you are allergic to milk and you can walk in a mall where there is a shelf with tetrabrics with milk and not feel anything, then you are fine with the ingredients of this pendulum.

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF english

Size: 7,5 cm by  6cm

Weight: 50 gr.

Material: Beech wood


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Weight 40 g

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  1. Barb meneses

    This is my personal review when working with the Physio Pendulum. It is a therapy in itself!!! If you plan to work with clients, you can make it a stand alone radiesthetic session focused exclusively on the work this pendulum can do. You can work with a client on a massage table, a mat in the floor or else in tele radiesthesia. The session is “long” specially if its the first time you work with a client with this pendulum. Let the pendulum do its work. When starting the session I have found the pendulum acts as the lymphatic pendulum, that is removing any energetic debris that stands in the way…it will do a general “brush” of the whole body with elongated movements. Then it will intensify its movement, either by more long and deep motions or else starting to sping in circles narrowing its work to a particular area in need. The pendulum acts two foldly: it will remove dense energy and will also add the necessary vibrations to the area being worked at. Also, if you combine your intentions as you work with the pendulum you will enhance your session. So focus on releasing blockages, stress,rigidity, dense matter, solidified patterns, focus not only on the physical but also on the symbolic nature of the physical condition of your clients, remember if the body is stiff the mind is stiff… this pendulum will unload the mind aswell. Also focus on harmonizing areas, body parts, use your intuition to combine the pendulum´s movements with the needs of your client. This pendulum is a keeper!…

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