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Happy Pendulum, anti depressant

We are thrilled to present you this pendulum which has a synergetic combination of different remedies including 5Htp (Serotonine) and  Organic Turmeric along with the Pure Centering Vibration, a secret ingredient to help us align ourselves with our true Essence and benefit from this centering and uplifting connection.

This pendulum can help and support those chronically depressed and bring relief vibrationally speaking to those transitioning certain life periods in which our levels of happiness, joy and contentment may be lacking.

Upliftment, emotional support, hormonal balance at a vibratory levels would be key words for this pendulum and its properties.

How to use this pendulum: a simple way to use this pendulum is to introduce its vibrations into our energy field by placing it over our solar plexus and let it spin clockwise over the area holding the intention that the charge of the pendulum radiates to our energy fields replenishing any lacks or imbalances in our mood, emotional levels. Once the pendulum stops spinning, we anchor and we seal the process as if we “close” our energetic “mouth” at the level of the solar plexus so that the vibrations remain contained in our field and do not dissipate outwards into the room. We can then dowse to determine when will we need another pendulum “dose”.

Disclaimer: The use of these pendulums does NOT substitute in any shape of form proper medical care. These products are exclusively a vibrational support for our well being.

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Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English


25mm heigth

20 grams


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Weight 30 g

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  1. Barb meneses

    Gorgeous vibration…!!! I have been using the Happy Pendulum on my clients with success for about 1 month now and find it to have beneficial results with overall emotion and strategy. Easy to work with and clients are asking for treatments and sessions with the Happy Pendulum included and say they look forward to receiving the beneficial energies. I highly recommend this pendulum with the overall state of affairs world wide today affecting so many sensitive individuals with either self treatment or thru qualified therapists. A keeper…!!! /Wil from New York

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