Chaga Pendulum, Primordial Wisdom



Chaga Pendulum, Primordial Wisdom

Excellent pendulum for humans and animals!

Did you know that Otzi, the ice man used Chaga as a herbal medicine around 5.300 years ago? Chaga is one of the primary adaptogens known and one of the most powerful superfoods inducing purification and the natural detoxification of the body, a longevity tonifier, chi energy booster, DNA protector, gastro-intestinal protector.

This is a very unique and exclusive pendulum activated with a secret ingredient only known to Baj Pendulos Spain which enhances even more the amazing properties of Chaga mushroom, Inonotus Obliquus, growing in the wilderness of Siberia and other northern countries and known to be the Gift of God, the Diamond in the Forrest, the Mushroom of Inmortality.

This particular pendulum has a charge of Chaga from Siberia, from wild birch trees who are able to live up to 10,000 years old. Without even considering the activation we have done for this pendulum, the amazing healing properties of Chaga itself are incredible in terms of increasing our vital life force (Chi), boosting our inmune system, helping our body mind system in incredible ways. Here is a list of just a few incredible benefits of Chaga mushroom according to russian scientists:

-Helps in lung and liver cancer (85% reduction in lung carcinoma)

-Great anti-tumor remedy, great against inmune deficiencies

-Calms the nervous system

-Great inmune system booster

-Helps reduce blood sugar levels and combat diabetes

-Has been proven beneficial for stomach conditions and ulcers

-Improves overall health, promotes longevity

-Supports the natural elimination of stones (nephritis)

-Great assistance in HIV

-Supports hormonal balance

-Great Anti-parasitic

-Has the highest possible dose of SOD, Super Oxide Dimustase to free onself from the negative impact of free radicals.

And a long list of other benefits.

In our research in Baj Pendulos Spain we have found that besides these amazing benefits, the Chaga pendulum is radiating thanks to our special activation what we call the Pure Centering Vibration (PCV) one of the most centering and balancing vibrations ever signaling the presence of very pure and high energy and at the same time very centering radiations. the PCV is a vibration that needs to be present for life to thrive. It needs to be present within us and around us in our living environment. Sacred temples may have to higher or lesser degrees these centering vibrations and thanks to this pendulum we will be able to check it out for ourselves.

Because of this unusual property, this pendulum can help us in these powerful ways:

  1. By radiating the beneficial energies of Chaga on a therapeutical level for our health and well being
  2. Purifies our auras and energy fields, promotes detoxification, removes parasites
  3. Great centering vibration, centering us on our axis and in relation to life on earth.
  4. Balances the person harmonizing her with life
  5. Very spiritual and earthy vibration bringing spiritual harmony to the person
  6. Promotes great inner peace and contentment
  7. Allows access to the Primordial wisdom of the Earth by means of this specially activated Chaga. This wisdom includes access to communicating with the animal, mineral, vegetal kingdoms aswell as the Elemental forces of Nature and Mother Nature herself. The ancient wisdom contain in the Chaga is one that can be called Primordial Wisdom of the Earth and can help us understand what was the original blueprint and perfect design for this planet and all life forms here. This is a very shamanic quality in a pendulum that can help us have trance-like experiences promoting journeying and accessing wisdom by means of these inner voyages.
  8. Detects and emits the Pure Centering Vibration which will help us in Feng Shui, Vastu and other Habitat harmonization methods  in order to make the necessary corrections on our living environment to  thrive.


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How to use:

As a normal pendulum with filling, allowing the vibrations to enter our energy field. One good area for working with it is through the solar plexus.

As a pendulum to detect and emit the PCV

As a pendulum for asking questions / mental radiesthesia communication in order to access the Ancient Wisdom available through it

As a pendulum for journeying shamanically, either spinning it or holding it while meditating.


A must have!

We are receiving awesome reviews with this pendulum, working with persons and animals. Animal friends respond really well to the healing vibrations of Chaga, as it helps them connect fully to Mother Nature and receive the frequencies they need to regain balance.

Disclaimer: pendulums are not substitutes to proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Material: Beech wood

Height: 7cm

Weight: 30 gr aprox


Additional information

Weight 35 g


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