ReiShiMa pendulum



ReiShiMa pendulum

According to BAJ Lab, several studies in Japan consider very beneficial the synergetic combination of Reishi, Shitake and Mitake mushrooms. According to these studies, these mushrooms could support the following areas and conditions:

* possible support to strengthen the immune system,
* possible support in the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and kidneys
* possible support in cases of hypertension, asthma, and bronchitis,
* possible support in cases of cancer
* possible support to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
* possible support in cases of insomnia, stomach disorders, inflammatory states of the joints and kidneys,
* possible support in the regulation of the work of the whole organism and in ensuring the correct functioning of the internal organs,
* possible support to help the liver and detoxification,
* possible support to treat poisoning and chronic inflammatory conditions,
* possible support to delay the effects of aging,
* possible support to strengthen memory,
* possible support to prevent the development of allergic reactions,
* possible support to regulate blood glucose levels and prevent the exacerbation of diabetes
* possible support to decrease the content of the main function of LDL in the blood

The ReiShiMa pendulum can be used to support from an energetic perspective these issues and conditions in our clients, animals and humans. You activate the pendulum and remove static energy by giving a little knock on a wooden surface. Next let the pendulum swing (normally clockwise) over the area that you want to treat with the intention to transmit the most beneficial vibrations in the appropriate dose, within the pendulum, to support your client and his condition. Once the pendulum stops spinning, anchor and seal the process with a hand gesture over the area. Dowse to determine when your client will need another treatment with the pendulum.


Dowsing and the use of pendulums are NOT a substitute to proper medical care shall you or your clients suffer a clinical condition.

Product details:

Wooden pendulum, 20 grams weight aprox + free PDF Basic Manual of use for Baj pendulos therapeutical pendulums.


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Weight 30 g


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