Echinacea pendulum



Echinacea pendulum

Echinacea stimulates the capacity of our cells to fight infections, viruses and unhealthy bacteria or fungi. This plant was used by native americans to fight arrow wounds during their battles.

It is an antibacterial, antiinflamatory and boosts our inmune system to combat viruses and general fatigue. Nowadays is commonly used to fight colds, flus, seasonal disorders, breathing conditions, sinuses and even sexual conditions.

Promotes the activation of T-cells and stimulates new tissue growth. Useful in cases of musle and tendon conditions due to its antiinflamatory properties.

How to use this pendulum. Connect with the intention you want to work with by using this pendulum, the condition you want to work with. Focus on the area you want to introduce the vibration of the Echinacea. Activate the charge of the pendulum by giving a gentle knock over a wooden surface. Spin the pendulum in a clockwise motion over the selected area and let the pendulum swing until it stops doing so. This is the sign that the energy field of the person no longer requires to receive the vibrational information contained in the pendulum. You can seal the area with a gentle hand movement as if you were “closing” or sealing the area with your intention.

Check with a regular pendulum when you or your client requires another treatment: within how many hours, days, weeks.

Disclaimer: pendulums are not substitutes to proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Size: 25 mm long

Weight: 20 gr

Material: wood


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Weight 24 g


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