Diamond Light Pendulum



Diamond Light Pendulum

This pendulum brings the Clarity of vision and focus of the Diamond-Adamas remedy (real diamond dust or powder) a powerful transformative force to help us make the necessary changes that will shift us from our carbon-base view and vibrational level to our diamond-like crystaline structure.

On a homeopathic level, Diamond remedy has a variety of purposes and benefits,  being a very powerful agent of transformation in those areas in which we are ready to undergo such deep process. Diamond remedy is a very good vibrational medicine in cases of chronic depression, feelings of despair, worthlesness, lack of faith and self-confidence. The intrinsec power of Diamond is such that it allows its lower denser nature (Carbon) to be fully sublimated and perfected into its final shape, that of a diamond: Strength, beauty and perfection, an ideal reflection of the internal alchemical process that we humans need to undertake if we wish to open up, unfold  and let blossom our true natures.

Once the transformation done, Diamond remedy brings incredible positivity, elation, lightness of being, ease, self love, self confidence, security and strength. It empowers our highest will and helps us recover our golden visions for our selves and our lives. On a physical level, this remedy works well with the head, the sinus, the lower back. It is also used to treat viral conditions.

Diamond remedy is a very valuable support in cases of grief and loss helping us adapt to our new reality and embracing change with Grace.

On a radiesthetic level, this pendulum benefits from both, the properties of the homeopathic remedy and also the power of Diamond Light vibration to infuse our dowsing work with the energies of transformation and perfection that we may require on our treatments of self and others. DIamond light energy is sometimes experienced as if we have lifted a veil or a heavy cloud that was hanging over us is now dissolved and we are able to see the clear sky once again regaining our highest view and helping us make decisions from this new vantage point.

In ancient times, diamond powder dust was said to relief from the negative effects of magnetic energies. It was also used to cure people and it is said that Catherine of Medicis used it in lethal dosis to kill people. It was also considered a reconciliation stone.

Nowadays certain spiritual traditions are comparing the Diamond with our own spiritual path. The transformation of the carbon becoming a diamond is compared to the process the human lower self undergoes to discover its true essence shifting its identification from one to the other. We are also shifting from a carbon based body into a diamond like body. Ancient spiritual teachings such as some buddhist schools talk about the transformation into the Diamond Body, after a series of  internal alchemical transmutations.

We can use the Diamond Light Pendulum to support our alchemical process of transformation aswell as benefit from the multiple properties of the homeopathic remedy.

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How to use the pendulum:

Simply activate the pendulum by tapping it gently over a wooden surface. Place it over your solar plexus or the head or the aura of your client or yourself, let the pendulum swing in a clockwise motion until it finishes its motion. Then close and seal the process.

You can also work bringing in the Diamond Light vibration to specific purposes or areas of your life with commands such as:

May the Diamond Light flow to (this area of my life: career, relationships, family, love, health, personal development, spiritual life) to optimize and perfect my ability to transform all that is necessary in order to thrive, please and thank you.

Expand my ability to embrace change in  (this particular area), please and thank you.

Change me into someone who is embodying the fullness of her/his natural perfection, thank you

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Material: Beech Wood

Heigth: 7cm

Weight: 30 gr aprox.


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Weight 35 g


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