“I have long wanted to share with you an experience I had with the Essene pendulum.
Since I bought it I leave it on the bedside table because sometimes I feel the need to connect with it before going to sleep.
I once had a nightmare where I was running and screaming in the dark, and I woke with a start with my heart pounding … so I reached out and took the pendulum in the dark and held it to my heart, breathing to find calm again. In those moments when you notice that your consciousness oscillates between wakefulness and sleep, I seemed to hear (perhaps I imagined it) a voice that said “I am the Light of the World.” I didn’t pay much attention to him at the time and fell asleep, but the next day while I was having breakfast I had a flash and I was aware of the importance and beauty of the message received and the synchronization with the nightmare I had.
This pendulum is a marvel, even without any cards I believe that its connection with the divine essence is very deep and the messages arrive when they are really needed. ” Maribel, Barcelona



More information Rahma, The Essene Pendulum an exclusive creation of Pura Presencia

Rahma, the Essene pendulum