It is an excellent time to work thoroughly with the Violet Flame. From our page and our creations we have created the Pendulum of the Violet Flame and we have a Radiesthetic Attunement to the Violet Flame to help those who feel so to work from dowsing with the Violet Flame.

Everything that is moving on the planet at this time, from the political, the economic, the sanitary, all the fears, uncertainties, doubts, confusion are excellent matter to be worked WITHIN and outside of us through the transmuting Flame and vibration of the Violet spiritual fire.

Personally, we are doing intense work with this flame in our lives and around us in the hope of helping to alleviate the weight of the density that is currently plaguing the planet, a density that we well know is emerging to be finally released. It is from the spirit of Victory and NEVER since defeat that we work to transmute the dense in our life and always with the horizon set in the Full Presence of Being, the ultimate objective of the journey … the full recognition of who we are and what is our connection with the Source, to start a new “chapter” in Man … a new story written by our Spirit from Freedom, Love, the Bliss of who we are and what is our perfect Origin.






The Violet Flame pendulum


Radiesthetic Attunement Violet Flame:

Violet flame attunement