The Violet Flame pendulum



The Violet Flame pendulum

A Pura Presencia creation

We have created this pendulum to help all those people who work intensely for the transmutation of dense energy in their energy therapies and in all areas of their lives including the Cleaning of Spaces.

The Violet Flame Pendulum has an internal charge of more than 10 natural ingredients of the highest vibration, all of them emitting violet frequencies that added to the transmission of the Violet Flame included in the pendulum will allow the dowsing practitioner to facilitate their transmutation task thanks to the pendulum. assisting them in the release of dense energies AND of elevation of the vibratory frequency of the person, animal, plant, space, object worked upon.

The Violet Flame is a power house of transmutational frequencies known in the metaphysical circles to be of great benefit when it comes to clearing our energy fields, our spaces from dense, negative energies.

But less known to some, the  Violet Flame is also part of our overall Light structure and connects with other Light flames within us activating and nurturing complex energetic and multidimensional structures.and dynamics that have layed dormant in many of us until now.

We can thus work with the Violet Flame pendulum in terms of clearing, transmuting dense energies, uplifting our vibrational levels and also engage these other more complex processes connected to our Light Bodies and multidimensional structures.

Pendulum properties

  • By its shape: The pendulum has the shape of a double-dorje (vajra), an instrument that in Tibetan Buddhism allows access and appeal to the energy of the Rays (Thunder rays) in order to produce a transformation of maximum scope. The pendulum allows us to access the two great universal spirals, the centripetal and centrifugal forces that exist in the Universe and in our microcosm. For this reason, it will work the upper and lower bodies, transmuting everything necessary in its path.


  • By its charge of internal remedies:  The pendulum has a series of natural internal remedies of highest vibration, some from remote high-frequency areas such as certain places in the Himalayas that allow access to the frequencies of the Violet Flame, facilitating our work with such a Spiritual radiation. The pendulum contains a strong charge of Pure Centering Vibration, radiation that we studied in our Level 2 Course and that aligns us to the Source, aligns us to our cosmo-telluric axis and balances us by providing our subtle field with the vibrations of spiritual Gold. , octaves higher than the radiation of gold metal.


  • By its radiesthetic colors: The pendulum in its combination of shape and internal charge emits the radiesthetic colors of  Violet and White sub-band, two energies that connect us to the Christic energy and the Universal healing energies of Transmutation.


  • By its attunement: The pendulum is attuned to the Violet Flame in its highest spiritual vibration.


Pendulum uses:

  • It can help us in energy cleansing sessions, cleansing the aura to release dense energy
  • It can help us transmute situations
  • It can help us release blockages
  • It can help us “spiritualize” by raising the vibrational frequency of what we focus on with the pendulum
  • It can help us clean spaces through the Violet Flame and the frequencies included in the pendulum
  • It can help us to better connect spiritually to our higher aspects, Higher Self, spirit guides etc.
  • It can help us to charge flower, herbal, liquid, crystal remedies etc.
  • The pendulum has connections with the Christic energy itself, transmuting energies of a lower nature.
  • The pendulum has connections with Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of compassion, also connected with the transmuting force of the Violet Flame.
  • We can work as Light Workers, Grid Workers supporting the Earth by means of working globally with the pendulum.
  • The pendulum does not have a direct connection to Saint Germain because we have found many entities that “play” to impersonate that being. If you have a good and secure connection with Saint Germain, no doubt you can also establish it by means of this pendulum.


 Manual in PDF

The pendulum comes with a 37-page manual. in PDF in A6 format with basic information and simple instructions that are not a substitute for a training course in dowsing.

We also include the Basic Manual for Pure Presence Therapeutic Pendulums in PDF A6 format.

Attunement of the pendulum to its owner

The pendulum can be tuned to its owner. For this, when making the purchase, write us your name and surname and date of birth in the NOTES section. If you do not, we understand that you do not want the pendulum started and we will ship it as well.






  • You might benefit combining a personal attunement to the Violet Flame.
  • You might benefit combining the teachings of our Online Course in Dowsing for Ascension and our Online course in Warrior Dowsing with the use of this pendulum as it will help clear dense energies and uplift your energy field and those of the people you work with following the protocols of both of these courses.




Beech wood pendulum

Manual of the Violet Flame Pendulum in PDF format A6 pages 37

Pura Presencia Therapeutic Pendulums Manual in PDF

Optional Attunement of the pendulum to your user write us in NOTES your name and date of birth. If you don’t we will send the pendulum untuned (it will work just as well, the attunement is a “bonus”).





-An exclusive Pura Presencia™ product made by us with loving conscious hands-

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Weight 60 g


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