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Online Course in English+ Manuals+Attunement+Chart+Mentoring-  DOES NOT INCLUDE PENDULUMS




An  Evolutionary integrative path

Humanity is at a crucial point on its Ascension journey and process, which is why we offer this course to make it easier for dowsers-therapists to assist their clients, family and friends on their personal Ascension journey. If there was a time to work on these issues, it is now.

Many people are actively or passively going through a process called Ascension, expanding their consciousness, experiencing a series of subtle energetic symptoms that bring about changes on many levels. At specific times these people can benefit from the help and assistance of those who have gone through those same phases of the path, the spiritual path. This course is aimed at supporting the therapist in assisting family, friends, clients in their Ascension processes, while helping and understanding themselves by working in a practical way as we propose in the course.

This support can be provided through the content of the course by:

  • Establishing an ” x-ray profile” of the Ascensional process of the client (a Dowsing diagnose of 50 parameters).
  • Working through the protocol provided in the course to help the client take his next ascensional step, resolve current issues affecting his path
  • Support the client when it comes to Ascension Symptoms as part of the adjustment needed to adapt oneself to the shifts occuring in the path.

This is a foundational level course specialized  in Dowsing and Ascension. This course lays the great foundations of the work that we will carry out in the following levels and provides Theory and Practice that allows the therapist to carry out specialized sessions in the personal and planetary Ascension process, working to help their clients, accompanying them on their ascension path, attending Ascension symptoms and a wide range of dowsing, energetic, spiritual actions and procedures to promote the Ascension process of the people with whom we work.

This course can be also considered as a Level 2 or the continuation of our course in Warrior Dowsing. Both are great complements to each other.



The Course consists of a theoretical part where we address what Ascension is, what are the elements that configure the Ascension process and has an important practical part where we describe and demonstrate the most suitable dowsing procedures and techniques to approach this work at this level of the training.

The course contains a complete demonstration of a Dowsing for Ascension session applied to the course students (beneficiaries of the session held and recorded) showing the work methodology in practice.

The Manual contains theory and practice as well as two practical works, an Ascension profile of the client and the protocol to carry out a complete step-by-step session with all the guidelines to carry it out successfully.

For copyright reasons we are not going to reveal more about the content of the course.

The course is accompanied by two very powerful attunements aimed at enhancing the student’s path of Ascension and their ability to support other people on their path. The attunements provide a very powerful vibrational and spiritual tool to carry out the work proposed in the course.

The Attunements are:

  • Attunement to the Ascension process + Manual and Diploma in PDF
  • Attunement to the Ascending Light + Manual and Diploma in PDF
  • In the course and in the specific manuals for these two initiations, the student will understand how to work with these two energetic and spiritual transmissions.

The course contains a Dowsing for Ascension Sheet chart in PDF formats A3 and Ansi format B in English to more easily navigate through the protocol and ascension profiling of the client.

An original and exclusive course created and presented by Barbara Meneses



  • Dowsers with experience in handling the pendulum. Students of our training from Level 1 (Course of Mental Dowsing, Vibration and Pendulum Healing)
    This course is an excellent continuation that perfectly complements the Online Warrior Dowsing Course (For those who intend to take these two courses, it is recommended to do the Warrior Dowsing first and then the Ascension one).



  • Persons with no experience in dowsing
  • Persons with mental-emotional imbalances that prevent them from remaining stable in neutrality to work in dowsing.
  • Persons who follow religious / spiritual dogmas that prevent them from opening up to information from different traditions to learn and enrich themselves with that information.
  • Persons who do not speak English
  • Minors.


LEGAL NOTICE: Dowsing is NOT a substitute for medical / clinical / psychological care that a person suffering from a medical, clinical condition may need.




The Ascension Péndulum

  • You can work with your own tools. In our Level 1 course of the Online Course on Mental Dowsing, Vibration and Healing with Pendulums, we teach you which pendulums are best to work at the therapeutic level and which are the most suitable vibrations).
  • In this course you can use among your collection of our pendulums the following among others: Archangels Pendulum, Siddhi Pendulum, Exor Pendulum, Shambhala Pendulum, Large Gold Spiral Pendulum, Universal Pendulum etc.
  • We have created a specific new pendulum for this course THE ASCENSION PENDULUM





(Course price per erson. Non-refundable).

Online course in English composed of:

  • Videos to view 7 hours  from the access page to the course that we will provide as payment is confirmed. Access to view the videos for TWO MONTHS from the moment of purchase of the course.
  • Manual in PDF 83 pages A3 format
  • Attunement Ascending Light + Manual and Diploma in PDF
  • Attunement Ascension Process+ Manual+Diploma in PDF
  • Certificate of participation in the course in PDF
  • Dowsing for Ascension Dowsing sheet chart in PDF formats A3 and Ansi format B in PDF
  • 30 min tutorial via Skype, Zoom to answer questions related to the course material.


ACCESS TO THE COURSE WILL BE GRANTED ONCE WE HAVE RECEIVED THE PAYMENT AND CONFIRMED YOUR PARTICIPATION. (No download documents will be sent until then nor the access to the page).

RUN A TEST PRIOR TO PAYING FOR THE COURSE. See if you can watch our videos and download a test document . More info HERE

This course has been exclusively created and designed and LEGALLY copyrighted  © copyright Barbara Meneses Montgomery Pura Presencia™ Baj-Pendulos Spain


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