Antiviral pendulum (Virus Killer)


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Antiviral pendulum (Virus Killer)


This pendulum has been developped by BAJ Lab in collaboration with AVA. Here is the information that we have received concerning the pendulum and its uses:

“Virus killer : At the turn of 1918–1919, during the raging flu epidemic in Europe called the Spanish Flu”, the French military doctor Joseph Roy was looking for a way to stop the growth of viruses of this disease. And the case was very serious because the number of victims exceeded 20 million. When he developed a certain mixture, the results of its use turned out to be so interesting that it also found a civil use. Also the French homeopath doctor – ENT specialist Paul Chavarcon confirmed its effectiveness. It was soon approved for use in over 50 countries. In 1984, also in the USA.
The pendulum contains a double working factor. The first is the cell generating the distrustful Uv colour, which, acting energetically on the virus genome, damages it so that the virus cannot replicate. The second factor is the aforementioned French doctor’s mixture, which stimulates and strengthens
the body´s defences to resist the invasion of the disease.

The application procedure is as follows: it is necessary to swing in a classic way for the solar plexus of a lying patient for 2 to 3 minutes three times a day.

Note: due to the time pressure and the urgent need to create a remedy to fight the epidemic, the necessary studies have not been carried out, which should normally last about half a year. If you notice any disturbing symptoms during the exposure, shorten the application time and the number
of sessions, or discontinue use for some time.”


LEGAL NOTE: Pendulums are not substitutes to proper medical care. These tools are ENERGY AND VIBRATIONAL TOOLS ONLY.



Beech Wood, Osiris head

Weight aprox 50 grams

Pendulum offered with a Free Manual of our Therapeutical pendulums, courtesy Baj Pendulos Spain. In PDF

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Weight 50 g


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