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Warrior Dowsing Online Course

A course for Warriors of the Light

Level 1 (this is a stand-alone course)

Those who have minimally explored the field of Bioenergetics will have found in their work the interference of a great variety of forces that we call “dark” or “ignorant”, depending on which tradition we follow. These forces are often ignored by those who do not want to or cannot see their real interference in our lives, and therefore, run a thick veil ignoring variables and parameters in their search for solutions to the many challenges we face, derived directly from these so called “dark forces”.

At Baj Pendulos Spain, Pura Presencia, we feel that the time has come to create a new Dowsing, that we have called Warrior Dowsing through which we allow ourselves to explore these issues without falling into obsessions, fears, rejections but with the strength of a Warrior of Light, one who is able to face these oppressive personal and collective dynamics, from their essence, from their full empowerment and from their deep connection with Source.

This first course lays a deep foundation that will allow the dowser to walk on the path of his transformation as a dowser and as a person who consciously advances along the Spiritual path, deepening their abiding in their true essence and their connection with the Source of all that Is.

Course content:

The course is divided into:

A theoretical part where we will analyze:

  • -What is Warrior Dowsing, who is the Warrior Dowser
  • -What, Who is Source
  • -What, who is Dark, the forces of Darkness
  • -What are the battlefields we are facing
  • -What are our weapons and working tools and best approach to be victorious
  • -What is the plan of the Source
  • -What is the Dark’s plan or agenda and its modus operandi
  • -How to prepare, train the Warrior Dowser in order to achieve victory against Darkness

A practical part where we will explore among others:

  • -Four extensive Warrior Dowsing working protocols covering a huge number of variables, problems and providing practical solutions to overcome these challenges. (Among the variables we analyze sexual issues, rituals, fragmentation of our Psyche and Soul, analysis of various types of attacks by dark forces such as attacks from other dimensions and temporal spaces, protection of the Inner Child, manipulation through hypnosis, dreams, vampirization, possession, black magic, impersonation and copy of our identity sign, of our superior aspects, false guides, ancestral interference, vowed contracts with the dark forces, etc.).
  • -How to perform Warrior Dowsing sessions in self-treatments (the focus of this course)
  • -Bioenergetic support solutions.
  • -Appendix with listings (not exhaustive) to scan with pendulum and a dowsing chart to navigate through the course material with ease.


Divine Power Attunement (Optional)

The course offers an Attunement to Divine Power which is optional (let us know if you want it by sending us an email with your date of birth). This attunement aims at helping you reach your highest level of power and authority to help you perform the deeply transformative work that you can undertake by working on the protocols of the course. (Attunement+ Manual+Diploma in PDF transmitted at a distance generally after 48h from requesting it).


Course objectives:

This course is dedicated to training and preparing the “Warrior Dowser”, allowing him to discover by working with the four protocols how Darkness dynamites and hinders his work, his path, his objectives.

Through the analysis and resolution of the blockages that we will find, this course will enhance the relationship of the Dowser with the Source and the integration and embodiment of its true essence. Only by releasing the blockages in these two areas can we access our gifts and talents and receive our own Divine inheritance.

This course allows the Dowser and the person to substantially improve their vital and Spiritual path as well as their Bioenergetic work with the pendulums and their other therapies as it discovers and solves the root of problems derived from the interference of the Dark and dense forces in their life. By regularly practicing the content of this course in the form of self-treatments, the Dowser will potentially improve in all areas of his life by removing what obstructs him or her, improving his alignment with Source.

The main work in this course is as self-treatment, that is to say, preparing the Dowser for himself, as a previous step to be able to work with the others in Warrior Dowsing which we will address in subsequent levels of this training.

Energy transmission during the course  

During the reading of the manual, the viewing of the videos, the attunement, the session demonstrating the work methodology, the mentoring session and the period in which you are studying the material, you will be receiving energy support to facilitate a greater connection with The Source of All that Is, with your true essence and thus enhance the fulfillment of the objectives of this course: that you recover your power and your connection to the fullest, freeing yourself from what oppresses you.



  • Read more about our classification of courses and documents depending on the practitioner “level” of Dowsing HERE
  • -Persons over 18 years of age.
  • -Experienced Dowsers handling pendulums that do NOT have a diagnosed mental-psychological condition that causes imbalances in their ability to distinguish reality). We reserve the right of admission to this course if we suspect that the person is not sufficiently balanced mentally-emotionally. (Write us in case of doubt).
  • -We DO NOT recommend this course to beginners in Dowsing.

Among our students, we recommend this course to those advanced students in Level 1 of our training (not to those who still perceive themselves as beginning to Level 1 material), to Level 2 students, students who studied the Advanced Course of the Archangels.



  • People with mental, emotional, psychological imbalances
  • Forces of Darkness, their agents, servants.
  • Minors
  • Curious
  • People without relatively solid experience in handling pendulums


A warning about cognitive dissonances

In this course, we are going to talk about Jesus of Nazareth, the Christian Tradition and other traditions, but mainly the Christian. We do it from a non-denominational ( and non-judgemental space, that is, without being attached to any specific religion or religious dogma. We use the example of Jesus as being one of the great figures who has successfully battled Darkness. We also mention Gautama Buddha and Padmasambhava and make references to other traditions such as the Hindu. This teaching that we provide in this course can be applied by those who follow other traditions and are open enough to learn from different creeds and traditions. If this paragraph causes cognitive dissonance or religious or Spiritual conflict, we recommend that you do not sign up for this course, because once you have accessed the course we cannot refund your money.


You can test your participation in this course by asking the following:

Will participating in this course benefit me in the short, medium and long term? YES/NO

What is the level of integrity of the teaching that is transmitted in this course on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the highest level of integrity?

-What is the level of integrity of the teacher who teaches this course on a scale of 0 to 10?

Get used to testing these things because sadly the internet is full of poor copies of genuine works that will NOT lead you to good destination, so use your pendulums, common sense and ability to Discern, tools all of which should be present and active in all Warriors of the Light

Who is your facilitator Barbara Meneses


In this course you do NOT have to buy ANY pendulum. We explain in the Manual some aspects to take into account in Warrior Dowsing to select the most suitable pendulums in your collection of pendulums. We also mention some of our current collection of pendulums such as the Exor, a pendulum created specifically for this course, the Anti.Miasmas, Divine Eraser, Archangels, Big Gold Spiral, Universal Pendulum, Siddhi pendulum all of them with very interesting specific properties and vibrations to work on this methodology.




  • -Course for ONE PERSON.
  • -A 144-page manual in A4 format in PDF with Theory, practice, a recommendation of the best pendulums to use, radiesthetic colors and 4 deep working protocols, described step by step and more than 137 specific Dowsing commands, anointed with energy and transformative power, addressing solutions to problems caused by the forces of Darkness.
  • –A Dowsing chart inA3 format (And ANSI Format B for the USA) in PDF that allows you to navigate through the 4 work protocols described in the course with ease.
  • –An Attunement (optional) to Divine Power in order to enhance your transforming work, (Manual and Diploma).
  • 6h 47 minutes of Videos explaining the work processes and methodology described in the course as well as the theoretical part on which the work of Warrior Dowsing is based. (VIDEOS TO VIEW IN 2 MONTHS NOT EXTENDABLE, AFTER THE PURCHASE OF THE COURSE).
  • -A Warrior Dowsing session in video demonstrating the steps and methodology focused on benefiting the student of the course who receives the benefits of the session as they watch the videos.
  • –A personalized 20-minute tutorial/mentoring session via Skype in order to answer questions about the course content once the videos have been viewed, the manual has been read. If you need more tutoring time you can book it separatedly.
  • -1 Diploma of assistance to the Course.
  • -1 Diploma for the Attunement of Divine Power

RUN A TEST PRIOR TO PAYING FOR THE COURSE. See if you can watch our videos and download a test document . More info HERE

Course: Copyright Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia- Baj Pendulos Spain. This course is legally registered. Any total or partial reproduction of its content or this promotional page is prohibited for fraudulent purposes is forbidden.



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