Universal Pendulum Basic Online Course (English)




Universal Pendulum Basic Online Course in English


A course for dowsers, healers, pendulum healers and bioenergeticiens. Learn in the most clear and concise manner, both in written and in video format, the most precise ways to work safely and efficiently with this beautiful classical radiesthetic tool.

This course enables you to become a professional practitioner of the Universal Pendulum in a therapeutical context in the fields of Bioenergy, Chromotherapy, Coaching.

You will be able to introduce this modality as a stand alone complementary therapy or else integrate it with your other healing tools in your particular approach.

This course will teach you the basics from which you can grow with your own research and investigation.

Course content:

  • 5,2 hours of Video material in English at your disposal for viewing during 2 months after your purchase.
  • The Course Manual, 38 dense, clear and concise pages in PDF format in English
  • 30 min Skype session on a 1 to 1 basis with the teacher to ask questions related to the course and applications &uses of the Universal Pendulum (Valued at 45 euros). Teacher: Barbara Meneses, Dowsing practitioner with 17 years experience, counsellor, and bioenergetic practitioner with the Lecher Antenna and pendulum healing.
  • A Diploma certifying your participation to the course, in PDF format.

Course description

  • Learn the principles of the Universal Pendulum
  • Learn how to operate the Universal Pendulum
  • Learn the significance of the equator and the two meridians and their purposes and use.
  • The radiesthetic colors, learn how to detect them, their uses and properties and applications with the UP
  • Learn preliminaries and safety issues related to the UP
  • How to ask questions with the UP
  • How to test objects, remedies, spaces, water etc (detection)
  • How to test harmonizers in Geobiology
  • How to clean objects efficiently with the UP
  • How to test chakras with the UP (radiesthetic diagnose)
  • How to perform the most complete self treatment
  • How to perform a treatment on others
  • How to work in tele-radiesthesia mode with the Universal Pendulum
  • How to treat specific body parts or areas with the Universal Pendulum


  • You will need a good internet connection and preferably a computer or lap top.
  • Access to the course page will be provided via email upon making the payment.
  • This course does NOT include the Universal Pendulum which you can purchase at our website or elsewhere.
  • We do not advice persons physically, mentally or emotionally unbalanced to work with this tool. We reserve ourselves the right to decline our teaching services if we suspect you display signs of instability or due to lack of rapport or other ethical and moral considerations.

Access to the course will be granted once your payment and admission has gone through.The access is opened manually by us in working hours, please take this into account when purchasing at night time. 

RUN A TEST PRIOR TO PAYING FOR THE COURSE. See if you can watch our videos and download a test document . More info HERE


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