Exor Pendulum


Pendulum+PDFmanual 35 pages A6 format in ENGLISH


Exor pendulum +Manual in English PDF 35 pages

The Exor pendulum is a tool created as a request by our clients who wanted us to develop a tool to help and assist the removal of the noxious consequences of the work of the Dark forces upon people, animals, living spaces and objects.

This Vibratory radiesthetic tool is aimed at helping the Dowsers and therapist or pendulum healers work in energy cleanses or Space clearing removing the effects of Black Magic, curses, hexes, enchantment, spells, incantations, negative consequences of rituals, possession, harrassment by negative entities, removal of structures of subtle oppression and entrapment etc.


The pendulum has an inside charge of elements that cannot be disclosed due to copyright issues. One of the main ingredients is the Pure Centering Vibration which is a very uplifting and centering radiation helping us align ourselves to our true Essence. The Exor pendulum has also a very strong Christic vibration which allows us to access when needed, very high frequency pure White Light.

Please note that we are specifying that the pendulum may help,not that we are promising any result for this will depend on many factors among which the level of preparation and expertise of the Dowser.

Pendulum uses:

Support in the removal of the negative consequence of dark work from Dark forces in the context of:

  • Aura cleanses, energy clearings
  • Space clearing

Other uses:

  • Protection
  • Upliftment, the raising of vibrations
  • Testing to determine the presence/absence of dark works or influences from a Vibratory radiesthetic perspective (as seen in the manual)



The pendulum is offered with a basic and simple manual with steps and tips on how to use the pendulum. Please note this manual is NOT a course in Dowsing or Esoteric matters but a simple guideline. PDF English language format A6 pages 35.

LEGAL NOTE: Dowsing and Dowsing material are NO substitutes to proper medical care shall you suffer from a clinical condition.

We do NOT recommend the use of this pendulum to beginners in the fielf of Dowsing or persons with mental, emotional Psychological imbalances.


The Exor pendulum  works in a great tandem with the Anti-Miasmas pendulum. Miasmas are often consequences of the works of the Dark forces. The Anti-miasmas pendulum is much softer than the Exor which has quite potent energies. Beware and use very gently and with caution if you are very sensitive to energies.



Beech wood pendulum, varnished natural color

PDF Manual in English format A6   35 pages.


Additional information

Weight 40 g


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