Anti-miasmas pendulum


Péndulum+PdF Manual 36 pages A6 format


Anti-miasmas pendulum

The concept of “miasmas” exists since ancient times. Miasma is a Greek word meaning “pollution”, “contamination”. Traditionally, miasmas were considered dense forms existing in the air, the atmosphere which were considered responsible for the appearance of disease and unsanitary conditions,

Nowadays in the field of Bioenergetics miasmas can be considered as etheric structures, dense energies that carry information that can generate a noxious influence (physical, mental, emotional, energetic deterioration and decay) when it comes in contact with the energy field of a person, animal, object or living space.

The Anti-miasma pendulum has a charge of ingredients capable of helping dismantle the miasmatic structures and help clean the affected area by raising its vibrations. Among the ingredients present in the pendulum, we find the Pure Centering Vibration that facilitates our reconnection To Source and our true Essene.

Morphic-morphogenetic fields, behavioral fields, mental fields: Due to the properties of the charge inside the pendulum, we can work to release (eliminate) energy and traumatic information from morphic, morphogenetic, behavioral fields helping to avoid non-beneficial repetitive patterns.

Possible uses of the pendulum

The main use of the Anti-miasma pendulum is in the context of aura cleansing, Space Clearing or specific radiesthetic works in which the presence of miasmas is important to detect. Among the most important miasmas to work at a subtle level are sexual miasmas from previous sexual relations, ancestral miasmas, religious, cultural miasmas based on limiting belief systems with the potential to affect us negatively at a subtle level.


The pendulum is offered with a  basic manual explaining in simple terms how to use the pendulum in the context of a session of pendulum healing. The manual covers a basic question/answer and provides simple steps to work with this tool. Manual in PDF format 36 pages format A6 downloadable upon purchase.


The Anti-miasmas pendulum was created along with the Exor pendulum. Both work in tandem as miasma are often present whenever there are negative influences of darker forces.




LEGAL NOTICE: Dowsing and dowsing material are NOT substitutes to proper medical care shall you suffer from any clinical condition.



Beech wood pendulum,varnished natural color

Manual in PDF 36 pages format A6


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Weight 40 g


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