Advanced Archangels Online Course


Online course in English18 hours of videos to view in 2 months, manuals, attunements, triple Dowsing chart. For owners of the Archangels pendulum only. Access to the course material is granted after verifying you own such a pendulum.


Advanced Archangels Online Course


IN ENGLISH 18 h video, 4 attunements, Manual, Skype Session, Diploma

The Archangels pendulum is a Spiritual tool combining Vibratory Radiesthesia and the Spiritual vibrations of the Archangelic dimension plus Christ Consciousness, the Divine Feminine as represented by Mother Mary and other divine beings such as the Cherubim and the Seraphim.

The work we can perform in pendulum healing can be very rich and profound as you will learn in this course. We can tap into the deepest areas of our multidimensional self, our Soul self and perform pendulum healing work from a vibrational perspective reaching aspects within us that are best healed and supported by higher vibrational Spiritual frequencies.

Throughout the entire course, you will be receiving an introduction to the foundations of Vibratory Radiesthesia which will help you put the Archangels pendulum under the context of this particular field of Dowsing.

This course will train you as an advanced practitioner of the Archangels pendulum. The course covers the history of the Universal Pendulum, the development of the Archangels Pendulum, the importance of the Pure Centering Vibration and the 12 radiesthetic colors along with the Rose sub-band. We will also study the Divine qualities represented in the pendulum and how to integrate them in our pendulum healing work. The course will offer you an in-depth view of the Positions of the pendulum to help you harness the radiations emitted from it. You will also learn why the Christ Consciousness and Mother Mary are holding the same position in the pendulum and how we can access the different teachings of the Christ from a vibrational standpoint.

The 4 attunements you will receive as part of the course will deepen your connection to:

  • Divine Light,
  • Divine Grace,
  • The vibrations of Miracles
  • The Archangelic dimension.

Also, we will see how the three dimensions of the Archangels pendulum mirror the teachings of the triune Self and how through the pendulum, we can discover the Rainbow Path that leads us back home to Source.

We will also cover the preliminary practices in Dowsing, safety and security measures, how to handle a session, how to work in tele-radiesthesia, advice and useful tips when working with the Archangels pendulum.

From a Spiritual standpoint, the course will help you deepen your connection with the Archangelic beings and other Divine beings and will support you deepen your journey and work with this Spiritual tool to help yourself and others.

Expand the possibilities to work with the Archangels pendulum to the next level with these series of  Advanced techniques to perform:

  • Deep light body work
  • Deep Soul work
  • Deep energetic and Spiritual pendulum healing work
  • Ancestral healing work
  • Learn the Ho’ oponopono peacemaking positions in the pendulum and how to perform this cleansing process with the Archangels pendulum.
  • Create harmonizers by charging stones and crystals, aura sprays, essential oil blends empowered and potentiated with the Archangels frequencies.
  • Learn how to perform a Pendulum Healing Session with the Archangels using different techniques explored in the course. Full demo of a real session in teleradiesthesia with client´s feedback after session.
  • and much more

Course structure

  • More than 18 hours of Videos in a streaming format open for you to watch for TWO MONTHS after purchasing the course with theory and practice going through all the techniques and performing a live tele-radiesthesia session using some of the techniques taught in the course.
  • A 72 pages Manual of the course, in PDF, with step by step guidance and explanations.
  • AN EXCLUSIVE TRIPLE DOWSING CHART  with ALL the procedures of the course, in PDF (valued at 30 euros)
  • 30 Minute Skype mentoring session to solve any questions you may have after watching the videos and reading the manual
  • 4 Spiritual Attunements to Divine Light, Divine Grace, the Vibrations of Miracles and the Archangelic Dimension with a Diploma in PDF for each attunement and a pdf with instructions on how to maximize the work with these initiations. (We need your full name, Date Birth current location, write it in space allocated for NOTES when placing order). Attunements will be transmitted in the most ideal and soonest moments for the client. We will write you with the schedule for each attunement.
  • A final diploma for the course in PDF



You need the Archangels Pendulum to attend this course which you can purchase separately HERE

Please make sure to type correctly your email when purchasing this course. Once your payment has been confirmed you should receive a confirmation email from us with the access website for the course, the manual and Dowsing chart. We will need your full name and current location to perform the attunements, make sure you write it correctly too.  CHECK YOUR SPAM inbox as sometimes our emails might fall into that box. Contact us if you haven´t received our confirmation email.



This student told us about her incredible successes she has had with the pendulum, helping her family members sometimes in very difficult situations.
Milagros writes us from Spain:
“The Course of the Archangels has been a before and after in my life. It is much more than a course in Dowsing. On the one hand, it takes your ability as a dowser to a much higher level, and on the other, it is a very powerful personal growth course. I have been studying different therapies for years in a process of healing and personal growth, but this course has been different from the others. It has managed to organize different knowledge within my head, giving them meaning. Barbara manages to make that “click” in your head so that you begin to question things that you previously took for granted. The course has been a very important boost in pendulum healing, both for the large amount of information it provides in terms of protocols, and for the pendulum itself, which is a real gem. The treatments reach another level when using this pendulum and as a harmonizer of spaces it is priceless. Without a doubt, Barbara is a very special person and it is a gift to have her knowledge available. “



As a dowser, it teaches you advanced work and protocols I have never encountered anywhere else, and every step is perfectly calibrated, with the use of the videos, the manuals, the charts, and the attunements, from simpler basic work (but indispensable to know) to extremely deep spiritual work. It takes time to assimilate everything and practise, that is the key. I also learnt to revise my ideas on preliminaries, which are much more thorough than what I did, thus enabling us dowsers to make less mistakes and to be always working with permission. Asking many many detailed questions (very rigorous protocol) before working is also something I had not practiced so intensely and it changes everything.

But what is also extraordinary is how I have grown as a spiritual healer as I practised (I am also an animal communicator and energy practitioner so I can feel the difference in my work) The attunements are unique, opening paths and gates to enable you to grow alongside the practice,and now that I am finished, I feel that not only do things really flow when I dowse, and when I use the attunements in real life without using my pendulum, but there is a process of spiritual unification which is a pure miracle to feel as the attunements grow with you and you integrate them. Barbara cleared one of my guides at the beginning of the course -who was not 100% pure light- and since then the spiritual progress and feeling of oneness has been constantly deepening. Then, even if at the beginning some advanced techniques might seem a bit impressive, I was never lost in the course, because everything is so well organized, there is a Skype session with Babara in which I was able to ask as many questions I had, and as soon as I sent her an email with a question about my dowsing work, she answered within a few minutes, giving some new insight and advice. And finally, as i integrate the techniques better and better, I feel that I can allow myself to become more and more creative, so one of the marvels of this course is that it teaches you unique techniques, makes your grow spiritually in a way I have never seen, and liberates you, gives you freedom to experiment and find one’s true voice. Barbara is a very powerful healer and dowser, but she never interferes nor do the attunements constitute a tie to a system, a negative aspect I have encountered many many times in other courses

Highly highly highly recommended, I cannot thank Barbara enough for working as she does and being who she is” . Valerie / France.

“You were AWESOME! Thank you for the amazing class, so looking forward to tomorrow’s class. You have put so much into this and I appreciate you! The vibrations from the messages of the Archangels and Christ and Mother Mary Cherubim and Seraphim were so strong and each was different and I was amazed.” Theresa /USA,


“The Attunements were so powerful! (…) thank you for this wonderful training”, G.K/ USA


“Having completed the Advanced Archangels course using the Archangels pendulum, I am completely in awe of Barbara Meneses knowledge of dowsing, ability to ask  the correct questions, her work ethic and her connection to higher consciousness. She is a clear and personable instructor, professional in every way. Much gratitude for her teaching and the tools  she shared with us to go on to help others on their healing journey.” L.A., NY, USA


Barbara it was a pleasure to be in your class… I truly loved it all. Your english is great, your presentation and the sharing of information you have is an honor to receive… I feel so blessed to be on the receiving end of all this. I am hoping to become quite facile with this new technique. Will study the videos.. can’t wait for those as well…I look forward to our talk in a couple of months.Congratulations on a wonderful first classB.O/ NY, USA


Thank you so much! I learned so much this weekend. Actually, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities! It was so wonderful to listen to you share what you know. You obviously have so much knowledge and experience doing this type of work. So much better than trying to read and learn on my own. I look forward to watching the videos, and revisiting the manuals.Thank you again for this course. And for the time and care you have put into it. I am inspired”. Sheila,NY USA.


To start, I am still in awe of the Archangel pendulum, the energy and the many different ways in which to incorporate in my practices – I plan to work my way through manual and experience each topic described.  My primary interest in the pendulum is for healing work, spirit rescue, and to locate missing children/persons/animals.  And, I feel the more I use the pendulum, it will guide me to higher purposes still.  The pendulum is a work of divine genius! I was drawn in by your picture, and then your Youtube videos.  I have watched your website explode with many new pendulums and courses.  Your knowledge and experiences in the area of Spirit, dowsing, astrology (and many other areas) is notable, as well as incredible – but it is also what makes you a great teacher/leader/mentor!I have made the commitment to myself, to work exclusively with the Archangel Pendulum between now and the end of the year. I am looking forward to the videos as they are a great way to anchor in the knowledge that we were introduced to, build our expertise, and our confidence will follow!Feeling that this is just the beginning of our relationship!  There are other online classes that I will be taking, and several pendulums that are a must have!  / C.S NY USA


Thank you Barbara for providing an enlightening program of instruction on the Archangel Pendulum. You were able to show me in a simplistic manner how to use this multidimensional tool. I woke up the morning after the course and feel energized, I can only attribute this to the clearings done in the course. Thank you for this life changing program!”
TS, Texas USA

Still working on the Archangels course, and loving every minute of it! The pendulum and I have a wonderful connection and we are already doing magical things together!C.S /USA

“Just want to tell you, after my attunements, specially the archangel dimension, i really feel that my guides/angels are always guiding me, helping me and want to tell me something thru different ways.
Im so thankful and blessed i can feel their presence” MK/Singapore




  • 18 hours of Videos, Access for 2 months to all the course in video format internet streaming
  • 72 pages manual + original user manual for the Archangels pendulum in PDF
  • Triple dowsing chart with ALL the procedures of the course, in PDF
  • 4 Attunements to:  Divine Light,  Divine Grace, Vibration of Miracles and Archangelic dimension performed  at a distance with 4 diplomas and information in pdf about the attunements.
  • 30 min Skype session with the teacher (Barbara Meneses) to answer questions about the course
  • Diploma of the course in PDF.

Non refundable. Please make sure that we can  send the Archangels to your country prior to booking this course.Send us an email through the contact page and check your SPAM we answer fast.

ACCESS TO THE COURSE IS GRANTED ONCE WE HAVE VERIFIED THAT YOU OWN AN Archangels pendulum as this teaching does not apply to other pendulums.


The Advanced Archangels Course an ALL the teachings around the Archangels pendulum are originally created an copyrighted by Barbara Meneses. The Archangels pendulum is a joint co-creation between BAJ LAB Poland and Barbara Meneses, BAJ Distributor. The Archangels pendulum is a tool of Vibratory radiesthesia that draws its principles from the Universal Pendulum, the founding father for all pendulums having a similar shape an principle.  Copyrighted material refers to the intellectual property of the formulation of the teaching in written, audio and any other format as well as to the copyright around the making of the internal mechanic and vibrational properties within the Archangels Pendulum (BAJ Lab and Barbara Meneses).



(*) We reserve the rights of admission to this course due to lack of rapport or other ethical, moral considerations.

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