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The Archangels Pendulum

The Archangels Pendulum is a creation from BAJ Lab in Poland, designed by Barbara Meneses, official Baj Distributor in Spain, following the teachings of Classical Vibratory Radiesthesia and the Universal Pendulum. The Archangels Pendulum brings into the classical vibratory field the combination of the Spiritual vibrational Qualities of the Archangelic dimension, the Divine Qualities and the Radiesthetic colors enhanced by the Pure Centering Vibration from Source, which makes this pendulum unique and original in this sense, and a natural development coming from the Universal pendulum, the founding father that inspired all other universal type pendulums.

This pendulum is a Healing System in itself. The Archangels Pendulum works on three dimensions of existence as an integral healing tool to help our Body Mind Soul reach a greater state of Wholeness and well being.

The pendulum allows us to access the vibrations of three dimensions:

  • The Archangelic dimension (Spirit Soul Level)
  • The Dimension of the Divine Qualities (Higher Mind, Mental-Emotional level)
  • The Dimension of the radiesthetic colors balanced with the Pure Centering Vibration (Physical, vibratory level)

Each of these three dimensions balances the Soul-Spirit, the Mind and our Bodies allowing us to find the vibrations that are needed to help us shift any given challenge we may face in life.

As a Healing System in itself, for both therapists and private persons, the Archangels Pendulum will help us detect the underlying causes beneath a given challenge or problem and find the vibratory solutions that will help us strengthen our fields in order to resolve the issue positively from a Spiritual perspective.

This Pendulum is used as a balancing bioenergetic device in itself, elevating the vibrational frequencies in any living space. It can be used in Space Clearing and to impregnate water, substances, clothes, objects, energy fields, chakras, meridians, organs of a person, animal, plant.

It can be used in person or in tele-radiesthesia by working at a distance with a person, animal, or space clearing.

It can impregnate with the most beneficial energies and frequencies, the projects we are focusing on.

This tool will grow with you and you will feel guided to use it in your own particular way.

When in rest, the Pendulum is constantly emanating the subtle vibration of Divine Grace.




The pendulum includes a comprehensive Manual in PDF which covers the basic information of ALL the pendulum´s positions, their vibratory nature and lays the foundations of the Basic Way in which to use the Archangels Pendulum in the context of pendulum healing work. More information can be found in our new Advanced Archangels Online Course in video format.




Product details:

Pendulum with written coding in ENGLISH

Pendulum with wooden box, standing wood support, Manual in pdf in ENGLISH

Pendulum: 8cm diameter including brass arch. Weight: 120 grams.

Material: Wood and Brass.

Total weight with box: 600 gr




We have launched the Advanced Archangels Online Course. You can find all the information HERE.

Testimonials from our recent course Online with New York and other US states:

Having completed the Advanced Archangels course using the Archangels pendulum, I am completely in awe of Barbara Meneses knowledge of dowsing, ability to ask  the correct questions, her work ethic and her connection to higher consciousness. She is a clear and personable instructor, professional in every way. Much gratitude for her teaching and the tools  she shared with us to go on to help others on their healing journey.” L.A., NY, USA

Thank you so much! I learned so much this weekend. Actually, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities! It was so wonderful to listen to you share what you know. You obviously have so much knowledge and experience doing this type of work. So much better than trying to read and learn on my own. I look forward to watching the videos, and revisiting the manuals.Thank you again for this course. And for the time and care you have put into it. I am inspired”. Sheila,NY USA.

Thank you Barbara for providing an enlightening program of instruction on the Archangel Pendulum. You were able to show me in a simplistic manner how to use this multidimensional tool. I woke up the morning after the course and feel energized, I can only attribute this to the clearings done in the course. Thank you for this life changing program!”
TS, Texas USA


NOTE: The Archangels pendulum is a joint co-creation between BAJ LAB Poland and Barbara Meneses, BAJ Distributor. The Archangels pendulum is an original (*) tool of Vibratory radiesthesia that draws its principles from the Universal Pendulum, the founding father for all pendulums having a similar shape an principle. As stated by BAJ LAB, any similarities between Universal type pendulums manufactured by BAJ are part of the natural evolution in the field of Dowsing where pendulums are being based on classical shapes such as the Universal pendulum.

(*)The Archangels pendulum is unique in the internal mechanics inside the pendulum, the selection of positions, the vibrational elements inside the pendulum, the intention of this creation and the Spiritual energies emanating as a result of the combination of all the above and the whole teaching and healing methodology. The teachings, Healing methodology, manuals, written and audiovisual information along with Courses of the Archangels are copyrighted material of Barbara Meneses.

A Note on brass:
Brass is a metal that can get dirty, blacken due to a natural oxidation process. Energetically nothing happens with the pendulums that suffer discoloration due to this natural phenomenon due to the composition and alloy of the brass used. Brass can be cleaned with cleaning products, using dry baking soda and a soft bristle brush, or following any technique known to the customer. Changes in the color of the brass are not covered under warranty. Those who do not want alterations in the color of their pendulums can buy them in their gold-plated versions.


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