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Amazon Pendulum Set

 This 13 pendulum-herbal set was designed by Jozef Baj himself to transmit the vibrations of the highest quality herbal remedies from the Amazon. Baj chose the shape of the Osiris pendulum and its powerful carrier wave emission property to transmit the frequencies of these herbal remedies so beneficial for the human health. Three Osiris heads allow us to determine the potency of the transmission, for we can mount the pendulum inserting one, two or three heads connected to each charge of herbal remedy. For a more gentle transmission, we would just use one Osiris head attached to the herbal charge. For a mild transmission we would use two Osiris heads and for an extra strong transmission we can use all three Osiris heads.

Once the pendulum is mounted, knock it firmly on a wooden surface to activate its charge. Place the pendulum over the area that you wish to treat, be it on yourself or your client and let it swing in a clockwise motion. The pendulum will stop when the area will be saturated and impregnated with the necessary vibration coming from the herbal remedy. “Anchor, store and seal” the process with your intention. Determine with another pendulum when is your next session, the frequency and dosage required by you or your client.

This Set can also work in tele-radiesthesia.

These are the vibrational remedies included in this set:







Jergon Sacha

Flor de Arena



Pau D´Arco




Disclaimer: Baj-pendulos is not responsible for the use or misuse of these vibrational tools. The use of these tools by no means constitute any form of diagnosis or substitution of proper medical care. Our clients are fully responsible for their own health and well being. If you suspect you have any medical condition, we highly recommend you to check with your GP.

Custom Made: when not in stock, please allow a month as these sets are custom made.

Disclaimer: pendulums are no substitute for proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum set + Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Size box:120mm x 120mm x95mm.

Weight: 600 gr.

Material: beech wood.


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