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(for an indicative classification of pendulums by level you can read the information in this LINK)

We establish these levels especially for people who have a very basic level, so that they avoid buying material that overwhelms them. These levels are not static and the person who is new today, tomorrow is an intermediate practitioner and in a short time can be intermediate-advanced or advanced practitioner, everything depends on the work, effort and practice-study that each one puts into it.

In this typology of levels we understand that the advanced person who approaches our work for the first time can be greatly enriched with ALL THE LEVELS that we offer, from basic to intermediate and advanced. It is a mistake to think that because we perceive ourselves as advanced, we ignore the foundational bases that are the primordial structure of all good dowsing practice and that those who perceive themselves as “advanced” have not always really received it. Also, remember that most dowsers only have experience in Mental Dowsing not so much in Vibratory Radiesthesia which greatly enriches the practice of the pendulum. Also,many dowsers may not have any experience in pendulum healing.



On our page we usually don’t have an absolutely basic, basic material. We assume that at least the person knows how to use a dowsing tool fluently to at least obtain answers such as Yes/No in mental dowsing. When a person is completely new, we recommend that you attend face-to-face courses where, by osmosis, you can receive information resulting from the experience of the teacher and the most advanced students. At the moment we do NOT carry “in person” courses.

Our main dowsing course, which is Basic-Intermediate and has a great possibility for the student to go deeper with what they have learned, is our Level 1 Course on Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiethesia and Pendulum Healing. This course lays the great foundations of all our work in dowsing and we strongly recommend it because all the manuals, pendulums and other thematic courses will be addressed with much more security after completing this foundational course.

For example, the Universal Pendulum Course on our page would be a Basic-Intermediate course because it assumes that you know how to swing a pendulum to get answers. With this course you can do wonders because you learn the basics so even if we say that a course is Basic, its potential is Advanced, everything depends on you and your desire to practice and commitment to this art.

Important: People who perceived themselves to be very advanced and who have taken our Level 1 course have been surprised by the richness of the course and have discovered things they did not know, which have improved and deepened THEIR advanced level.



At this level we assume that the person has basic knowledge of the fundamentals of mental Dowsing and/or Vibratory Radiesthesia and that the person knows how to perform tests with pendulums, feels safe with their results and has experience in handling pendulums and ease with time to ask and receive answers as well as conducting basic sessions for oneself or others (not necessarily at a therapist or professional level).

An example of an intermediate level would be our Level 2 Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing course or the Dowsing for Ascension Course or the Dream Dowsing Online Course.






This level presupposes that the person knows how to handle the pendulum, knows how to lead a dowsing session by himself and has the fundamentals and basic principles of therapeutic dowsing (mental and/or vibratory radiesthesia) well assimilated.

We can indicate some manuals as an advanced level due to the subject matter of the manual, which presupposes that the person has a basic understanding of bioenergy, energy work with dowsing tools, and that they are familiar to a certain extent with the subject matter covered in the manual.

We also understand by “advanced level” those courses/manuals/pendulums that presuppose that the person is capable of flowing with the information they obtain or the processes they carry out in such a way that they know how to lead and sustain the session in the optimal way without looking or feeling “lost” because they know how to conduct a dowsing session.

The Archangels Pendulum Course is an Advanced Intermediate course where we take the student from the intermediate level to more advanced practices and at the same time, discover the bases of a work with a Universal type pendulum such as the Archangels. So although we call it Advanced (because it was the original title given in New York where we taught the first course of this pendulum Online), it actually includes all the learning levels of this pendulum, from Basic, to Intermediate and Advanced.



We can also mark a Course, Manual, Pendulum as being suitable for all levels, it would be the case of the Level 1 Course of Mental, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing as it is beneficial for all levels.



Courses that fall into both categories as mentioned above






Courses that fall into the intermediate and advanced categories or that take you from intermediate to advanced level as mentioned above

We have also made a similar classification of our dowsing tools in order to help guide the buyer as to the type of pendulum based on its possible level of use. You can read more about it in the following LINK.