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Dream Dowsing Online Course using the Oniris pendulum (English)

(Course ONLY for owners of the Oniris pendulum).

Dream Dowsing is a new field that we are currently developping in Pura Presencia to allow therapist, pendulum healers, bioenergetic practitioners to enter the depths of the Dream world by means of Dowsing and the bioenergetic techniques taught in this course and in all of our foundational training in Mental Dowsing. Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum healing.

The work that we can perform in Dream Dowsing  with the material that we remember from our dreams, can greatly help our personal growth, spiritual development, expansion of our consciousness, self-knowledge and internal cleaning and purification process related to our personal and transgenerational burdens. This is due to the fact that we approach the work with the Psyche from a “new” angle that is generally not touched in  hardly any energy-spiritual therapies: that is the dream world.

In this course, we seek to show the dowser who already has the Oniris Pendulum how to work therapeutically in simple and deep sessions through the combined use of the pendulum, the labels and dowsing work protocols focused on helping our clients and sessions focused on their dreams. This course will open the therapist a new way of working in his sessions with clients. it is actually going to enrich and deepen the scope of their work and also their understanding of the Human AND animal nature (for yes,  indeed we can work in Dream dowsing with animals within certain conditions).

Through the course material, the dowser-therapist will be able to help himself to decode the dreams of his clients, discover the priority areas and the Dowsing procedures and other energetic interventions that could be of benefit in the session.

The videos address the principles of Dowsing work  in person and in tele-radiesthesia (Dowsing at a distance) that allow us to work with dreams and Dowsing, analyze important parameters to take into account during sessions, show how to perform two types of sessions, simple and deep, from a therapeutic-professional point of view, and show a complete session in tele-radiesthesia on how to work in Dream Dowsing through the course material, the Oniris pendulum, the labels and the dynamics that clients can contribute in a session of such characteristics . All this shared with a well of practical tips and advices based on the experience of more than 20 years of therapeutic work in the field of therapeutic Dowsing and Bioenergetics..



In the final videos of the course, we demonstrated in one session how to work dreams with Dowsing and the Oniris pendulum. As a result of the work of two sessions for a client and a dream that he had years ago, the person has unlocked an important area of ​​his life and after the general session and another follow-up session, he has taken active steps towards a new profession, steps that somehow he still did not give himself permission to undertake. Thanks to the discovery of the internal mechanics of his Psyche reflected in the dream that he told us, we were able to access to decode the dream and release those aspects of his Psyche that still resisted the change that he so wanted to make. We again discovered the implications and the rich potential of this work that it will undoubtedly broaden the depth of therapeutic work that dowsers can perform in their practices.


Course content

  • Course Manual in English PDF (48 pages in A4)
  • Access to viewing 6h+ of the Course videos ( for TWO MONTHS).
  • Double sheet of dowsing of the Course in PDF that facilitates the work with the protocols, labels, measurements
  • Carrying out 3 exercises analyzing and working on 3 dreams of different people / clients
  • 30 min tutorial via Skype (optional) No date
  • Diploma in PDF after completing and evaluating the exercises


Requirements to participate in this course


  • You need to have the Oniris pendulum
  • It is necessary to have read and have at hand during the course the Manual of the Oniris Pendulum
  • You need to have the labels and dowsing sheet included with the purchase of the Oniris pendulum
  • You need to be emotionally and mentally balanced for the safe practice of Dowsing
  • You need to be of legal age to take this course or receive written permission from parents
  • Some experience in handling pendulums is needed because the course is NOT for a beginner level in Dowsing, but for someone who already knows how to flow to some degree with pendulums.
  • This is an IDEAL course for people who have done at least our Level 1 Mental, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing which sets the foundations of our entire body of Dowsing work.






The purchase of this course does NOT give direct access to the Course page or the material, we need to verify that you are the owner of the Oniris Pendulum to open access to the course page.If you buy the Oniris pendulum and the course at the same time, we can open the access to the course before you receive the pendulum, as you prefer).

LEGAL NOTE: Dowsing is NOT a substitute for medical, clinical, psychological care required by those suffering from a clinical condition. We approach this proposal of assistance to our clients from the energy point of view.



COURSE AVAILABLE BEGINNING MARCH 2021 (You can book it and we will send you the access once the course is available)

Access to the course It is not instantaneous with the purchase of the product. Once the payment is verified and that you are the owner of the Oniris Pendulum, we manually open the access and send you an email with the information to access.

Price per person course access for ONE person only

  • Course Manual in English PDF (48 pages in A4)
  • Course Dowsing double sheet chart in PDF English
  • Access to viewing of theVideos for TWO MONTHS (6h+)
  • Carrying out 3 exercises analyzing and working on 3 dreams of different people / clients
  • 30 min tutorial via Skype (optional) No date limit
  • Diploma in PDF after completing and evaluating the exercises


You can Purchase the Oniris pendulum Here:

Oniris Pendulum


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