The Metutelet Pendulum


No labels included


The word “Metutelet” means pendulum in hebrew, therefore it is a redundancy to call it “the metutelet pendulum”, but for the purpose of referencing this tool on the Internet we will stick to this name. The Metutelet is also known as “the Hebrew pendulum”. It was popularised in the 80´s by the French Dowser and possibly Kabbalist and Hermetic, Pierre Heli, also spelled “Gely”.

The pendulum has radionic properties due to the indentations in one of the extremes of the pendulum which allows to radiate the vibrations of the “shirts” or labels placed over the tubular side of the pendulum.

This tool is very well known in the Spanish speaking dowsing community and the French one, but not so well known in the English speaking world.

Normally the tool is sold with sets of labels that are photocopies of photocopies of labels BUT we have decided NOT to sell the pendulum with such labels because we do not know who the authors are and we do not want to infringe any copyrights.

You can use this pendulum with your own sets of labels, you can also purchase our special sets of labels through our web page or else you can receive sets of labels if you attend other teachers classes on the Hebrew Pendulum



The pendulum comes with a very basic manual in PDF, English with simple instructions on how to operate the tool BUT it is not a course of the Hebrew pendulum.


Among our other offerings you can purchase separatedly the following sets of Labels which come with a Manual and some of them with a dowsing sheet chart and inspiration on how to  use them. Labels are placed over the central part of the pendulum, held with an elastic band, as seen in the image.

Also we have an Online Dowsing Course with the Oniris set of labels which will provide great inspiration on how to work with this tool and how to use the labels in the context of Dream work, analysing the subconscious mind and providing bioenergetic solutions from a dowsing perspective.

Here is a list of our Sets of labels which will be offered in the next weeks




If you are going to use this type of dowsing method, we recommend the Neshama set of labels which will help keep ALL your sets of labels clean, pure and aligned to truth and integrity. It is the set of the sets of labels in terms of allowing you to keep your other sets in the best shape for optimum dowsing use.

  • Neshama set: a set of labels to cleanse, uplift, empower, purify, protect any other set of labels.
  • The Rigpa set: a set of labels to work with the Mind, all issues related to our thinking patterns, blockages in the mind
  • Rahma,the Essene Set: a high vibe set to work in a dowsing context as the ancient essenes used to heal through high spiritual radiations
  • The 72 names of God: a set with the 72 names of God that are found in Exodus in the Bible and are said to bring great spiritual expansion and healing.
  • The Soul Doula: a set to work Spiritually with the Soul of a persona/animal in order to help him/she in the different life transitions.
  • The Lightworker DNA protector set: a one label set with a profound work done after the current global pandemic in order to help Lightworkers.
  • The Oniris: a set to work in Dream dowsing, with our dreams, subconscious symbols in order to help the mind by means of our dreams. (We have an Online Course on this interesting subject)
  • The Zodiak: a set to balance the astrological influences that affect us in our daily lives.





  • Beech wood pendulum designed by Pura Presencia, made by BAJ
  • Size: 7cm long by 4.5 cm wide
  • Manual in PDF, english A6 format pages:33
  • NO labels included



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