Set of Labels 72 Names of God


Set of 72 labels in physical format, Manual and Dowsing Sheet in PDF English

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Labels of the 72 names of God
Physical Labels+PDF Manual+PDF Dowsing Sheet (ENGLISH)

At the request of some of you we have created this set of 72 labels with the names of God known in the Kabbalistic tradition.

These names were discovered by analyzing a part of the Pentateuch, Exodus 14 verses 19 to 21, in which the passage of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt to the Promised Land and the partition of the waters by Moses are mentioned.

It is considered that meditation visualizing these names, which are trios of Hebrew letters, can change our lives when we focus on a goal and eye scan the corresponding name to help us in that area of ​​​​our life.

Radiesthesia that combines work with the pendulum and radionics quickly incorporated the power of this art into the work with the Hebrew Pendulum, or the Metutelet-type pendulum, with the application of the 72 names of God on disposable paper labels after each use. .

At Pura Presencia we recently released our version of the Metutelet pendulum 

The success we had with this type of labels and your request to make our own version of labels for the 72 names has finally been the reason why we have created this new set to facilitate your work with these sacred names.


The set is made up of 72 labels with the 72 known names of God as decoded from the Pentateuch.
The labels have been prepared and energized in such a way that possible negativity and infiltration by dense forces seeking to disrupt the work with these names is not possible. We have also included codes and frequencies that facilitate the self-cleaning process of the labels as well as spiritual protection for them and whoever uses them.



The set is accompanied by a PDF manual, English A6 format with 120 pages in which we describe in a simple and summarized way the recognized properties of each of the 72 names.

We understand that the real meaning of each name is revealed to the practitioner who meditates with each name and we know that each name has more than one use or more than one property and it is up to each of us to discover what this or that name means to us. . Ultimately it is a personal and individual dance between us and God.


The Set is accompanied by a dowsing sheet in English, PDF in two formats A3 and Ansi format B in which we can select, through dowsing testing, which label(s) we need based on our objectives for the session and what is the best form of administration of tag vibrations from a list of possible options.



We have created these labels thinking of our Metutelet pendulum.
You can use these labels with your own Hebrew pendulums. The size of our Metutelet pendulum is larger than a normal Hebrew pendulum, so the label may possibly go all the way around the pendulum and mount on a part of the label. Nothing happens for it since each label vibrates and emits the radiation of the name of God in ALL the label not only where we have written the name of God.



We thank the true Kabbalistic tradition for having disclosed this information that we collect in the spirit of the utmost respect and that we offer to our clients in order to help Humanity reestablish its connection with the authentic Source of all that Is, healing our relationship with She and restoring the balance and harmony between the Spiritual world of Good and the material world where we are embodied.



We offer the possibility to tune the Label Set to the user. For this we need you to write us in the NOTES section in the shopping cart the name, surname and date of birth of the person.




The labels of the 72 Names of God in Hebrew are impressive.
Despite being a tool that I love, I hadn’t worked with them for a long time before you launched yours.
Even though the Names of God were the same on paper or cloth, I found great differences from one type of label to another:

– Presentation and texture; It is a joy to touch and caress the fabric labels, they are strong and resistant compared to paper ones. They can be easily cleaned with a cloth, which is very important to keep them in optimal condition.

– Letters; the style of Hebrew letters that you present in the Pura Presencia labels are beautiful, they vibrate by themselves. The power of the energy of each name is quickly perceived.

– Vibration; From my perception, the vibration and strength of your fabric labels is incomparable. Just by holding them they instill respect making me aware of the vibratory force of the Names of God. I made a comparison, testing, with a paper label and the vibratory difference of your fabric label is incredible.

– Meditation and dowsing work;
In meditation your labels are a wonderful tool. They surround you with their energy, you capture the essence of each Name. An incredible experience.
In dowsing work I use the Neshama and sometimes Rahma pendulum. The power, force, vibration and transmission are unmatched compared to paper labels. The work is deeper with a completely different consciousness and awareness, and the results visibly effective.

– I can only tell you that I am deeply grateful for creating these labels. The meticulous work, dedication, knowledge and wisdom used in creating each of your labels make them a Divine and High tool, a reflection of God’s energy on Earth.
Infinite thanks.

Maria Luisa, ML Cadiz, Spain




  • Set of 72 labels, Energized in special Fabric written in Hebrew with phonetic in western language (Labels size: 11cm long by 4.5 cm tall)
  • Manual in PDF, English format A6 pages 140.
  • Dowsing sheet in PDF, English, A3 and Ansi format B formats





An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscience for the highest good of all.

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