Double Dowsing chart Emotions and feelings




Double Sheet Dowsing Chart Emotions and Feelings (PDF, ENGLISH)

This double sheet Dowsing chart can make it easier for the Dowser to work with emotions and feelings (as well as associated thoughts) in pendulum energy therapies.

This sheet is not accompanied by a course or a manual except for some basic instructions to understand each of the quadrants of the sheet. We understand that every Dowser knows how to approach emotions from their particular way of working.

The sheet allows us to locate positive and negative emotions, work with our client to establish an emotional ladder of their own, detect what we call “bridge actions”, complementary solutions to work to help the person move from the densest emotions to the most positive through therapeutic Dowsing (pendulum, healing work) and other possible solutions mentioned on the sheet or within the reach of the Dowser-therapist.


Double Dowsing sheet in ENGLISH and in PDF provided in A3 format and Ansi Format B (European and American print formats) for other countries simply adjust the printer, printing shops know how to do it. Copy only for the user / buyer of it. Prohibited any other type of reproduction that is not for the personal use of the person who acquires it.

Mini Instructions to understand the quadrants used in the PDF sheet. English language.


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