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PDF, English 4 pages



(PDF, 4 pages, English)

Self-esteem imbalances can be found at the base of many blockages, resistances, denials of permission, traumas, internal conflicts that prevent the person from advancing in their life process, achieving their goals and directing their life based on their deepest needs and desires. .

In this sheet we offer a series of quadrants that allow us to obtain information about the person’s current levels of self-esteem, the causes, consequences of an imbalance in their self-esteem and other considerations that can help us, in therapeutic dowsing sessions to better accompany the person in their process of raising awareness and providing solutions to improve their sense of self-worth. This can translate into the unlocking of different areas and activities in his life, where self-esteem was “clipping his wings.”

The sheet is mainly focused on the concept of “low self-esteem” although we have added parameters that allow us to detect when the problem is due to an exorbitant sense of self-worth.

Dowsing chart recommended to:

We recommend this Dowsing sheet of charts for All levels, specially for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK








  • Quadruple dowsing sheet of charts (4 pages) formats A3 and ANSI B. (Copies for 1 buyer only).
  • Description of the quadrants in PDF, English
  • Permission to print copies for 1 buyer ONLY (for personal or therapeutic use). Forbidden the distribution, sale, resale or free offering of this document.IMPORTANT: This sheet is NOT a dowsing course, it is assumed that the person is a dowser and knows how to use this sheet thanks to the training they have received. Printing permission for personal use by buyer only.


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