Astrological Dowsing Sheet Chart


Triple Dowsing Sheet Chart Astrology in PDF English


Astrological Dowsing Sheet Chart PDF English


This is a Dowsing Sheet of 12 charts aimed at helping those Dowsers who work combining Astrology and Dowsing to track and test most Astrological dynamics that they might need to find out for their Dowsing practice.

This document is NOT aimed at being a course of Dowsing nor of Astrology. We assume you already know how to Dowse and how to work combining Dowsing and Astrology. The purpose of this document is to help us by means of Dowsing quadrants find out the most commong Astrological dynamics that we might want to analyze in our field of Dowsing.

The document in PDF English has 3 pages  offered in the two main printing formats: A3 and Ansi Format B (USA format).

The document comes with a simple basic Manual with minimum instructions as to the meaning of the quadrants and a set of possible questions to ask.

Important: Those buyers of the Zodiak pendulum this chart is different from the one you have included in the Set of the Zodiac pendulum but has some common elements. You may not need to purchase this chart although it is more complete.(Dowse to see if you need it).



Dowsing Sheet chart in PDF, English formats A3 and Ansi format B ( 3 pages document, 3 sheets)

Manual with basic info on the quadrants in the chart (not aimed at being a course in Dowsing nor Astrology).

Copy for the purchaser of this document only. (Permission to print for the buyer only, not for sale, resale or distribution. Forbitten violation of copyrights).





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