River flow meridians set of labels


52 physical labels+PDF Manual+PDF Dowsing chart in English


The River Flow set of labels for meridians

We have created this set of 52 physical labels, to work with Hebrew Metutelet type pendulums in order to harmonize the meridian lines of the biofields of human, animals, and work with the Cosmic rivers and the telluric lines on the earth to help our spaces, our living environements better connect with these powerful rivers of life.

This is a powerful set that will help us become “bioenergetic plumbers” to help the meridian lines in our fields whenever we detect through dowsing the need to perform a bionergetic intervention on them.

The set comes with a PDF Manual in English of 80+ pages explaining the different rivers and providing inspiration to work with the labels. The meridians are:

-Celestial rivers

-Telluric rivers

-Meridians of the human and animal biofields.

-Elemental forces influencing the meridians and rivers

The Celestial rivers are not to be harmonized but often times people are disconnected from them and thus have not go access to abundance, prosperity and other heavenly blessings. The work with the Celestial rivers in the River Flow set can be very expansive and open up new possibilities.



The River Flow set has been created to work with Hebrew pendulums, also called Metutelet. We have created our own special version of the Metutelet pendulum which you can find HERE.

Pendulum sold separatedly




We consider the ideal practitioner (Dowser) to use this set is an intermediate to advanced practitionner, someone who is familiar with the Metutelet Hebrew pendulum and knows how to perform a dowsing session safely and effectively for a client or in self treatments.

Learn more about our practitionner´s levels for the purpose of better choosing among our tools and offerings HERE.





  • 52 Physical labels made in a special cloth measurements per label aprox: 10,3cm long by 4,5cm wide
  • PDF Manual in English format A6, pages 82
  • PDF Dowsing sheet chart in A3 and Ansi B format, in English




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Weight 120 g


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