Neshama Set of Labels


14 physical labels+PDF Manual+PDF Dowsing chart English


Neshama set of labels for hebrew type pendulum, Metutelet

14 physical labels and a PDF Manual and PDF Dowsing sheet chart in English

The Neshama in Hebrew is one of the higher aspects of the Soul, above Nefesh and Ruach, The roots of the Neshama dip into the world of Azilut, the higher dimensions of Keter, Chokhma and Binah in the Tree of Life. With this name, we aim to rise our dowsing tools to the level of awareness and integrity of the Neshama.

For those who are not familiar with Dowsing with labels, here is a bit of “history”. The Hebrew pendulum, called Metutelet is well known in the French and Spanish dowsing communities. It was popularized by french Dowser Pierre Heli (Also spelled Gely). The pendulum has radionic and radiating qualities due to the shape of the tool. It works by placing labels over the tubular shape of the pendulum. Thus, we radiate the vibration of the chosen label. There are courses on the internet that offer photocopies of labels. We have tested some of those labels and find they are not in vibrational alignment with the purpose of each label and THUS we created this particular set to help lift all our labels to their highest and purest vibrational quality. This particular set is therefore NOT the traditional set of labels sold when you purchase a Hebrew pendulum elsewhere. Our sets clean those sets and help align those sets or the sets that you may create.

The Neshama label set is a set of 14 labels or sleeves to work with the Hebrew pendulum, Metutelet. They are NOT the typical labels found or provided in courses. They are labels made by Pura Presencia in order to clean, harmonize, protect, reconnect the labels we work with when they have been contaminated or have lost their vibratory and spiritual integrity.

The last of the 14 labels is all powerful universal spiritual healing label that will allow us to do complete sessions with just it.

The Set is accompanied by a PDF Manual with information about the set, the use of each of the labels. The set also includes a dowsing sheet that will help us test and determine what labels we need and contains a prepared space on the sheet so that we can clean our other sets of labels using the Neshama set.

So the Neshama set is a set of labels to help enhance the vibratory capacity of the other sets with which we work. We can say that it is a harmonizing set of labels and with the ability to protect our other labels (the ones we find on the Internet or receive from training courses, etc.).

This Set and all the ones we offer are valid to work with the BAJ Pura Presencia Metutelet Pendulum and also with the other Hebrew pendulums that exist on the market. The size of the Metutelet of Pura Presencia is larger than the usual Hebrew pendulums and the labels will be mounted on top of the smaller pendulums BUT this does not eliminate the properties of the label as the words on it are NOT the radiation of the label but all the work that is not visible in them.

The labels are placed around the Metutelet pendulum as seen in the image below with an elastic band. We radiate them by placing the radionic side of the pendulum facing downwards pointing towards the area we want to work on, either an area of the body, a dowsing chart a layer of the aura, a crystal we wish to impregnate, etc.




  • A set of 14 labels in solid cloth (size aprox 10.3 cm long by 4.5 cm wide)
  • A PDF Manual in A6 format 34 pages in English
  • A Dowsing sheet chart in PDF formats A3 and ANSI B in English
  • Possibility to attune the set to its owner, leave us your full name and date of birth in the area for NOTES when placing the order



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