Label Energetic Protector + PDF Manual


1 Label and 1 Manual PDF 15 pages ENGLISH



Label Energetic Protector + PDF Manual in ENGLISH

In line with the Radionic Disc Energeric Protection for Lightworkers, we have created a Label to work with these vibrations with radionic pendulums such as the METUTELET, or the Pura Presencia pendulums:

-Neshama Hebrew Pendulum

-Rahma, the Essene Pendulum

-Mahasiddha Pendulum

-Rigpa, the Mental pendulum

-Oniris, Dream Dowsing

-Any future pendulums we create with a similar shape


Purpose of this label

  • Provide energetic protection to our Energy fields, our Light Body, special protection for Lightworkers
  • Provide energetic protection to our DNA and RNA at an energetic level (this is not Medicine but energy work)



Along with the Label you will receive a PDF Manual in English 15 pages format A6 with Basic instructions on how to use the label. This is NOT intended to substitute a Course in Dowsing.


How to use the Label

You can use the label as a stand alone approach (a single session focused on working with this label) or else incorporate the label to the session you are providing in accordance to your own protocol of dowsing work/sessions.


Legal Notice: Pendulums and Dowsing material are NOT substitutes to proper medical care shall you suffer a condition requiring such an assistance.



1 Label in special material resistant. You can clean it with a gentle cloth

Label measures 11cm long by 4,5cm heigh (you wrap it around the pendulum)

1 Manual in PDF English with Basic instructions A6 format 15 pages



A   Pura Presencia™ product made with Love and Conscious intention for the highest good of All.


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