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Dowsing in Time Manual

13 seconds away from your real life

This is a practical manual on how to Dowse in time performing radiesthetic corrections and pendulum healing work. This booklet will give you insights into the nature of Time and the importance of making regular checks from a Dowsing perspective to make sure that we are REALLY in our HERE and NOW.

There are profound implications described in the book about these matters ad clear procedures to work performing time travels or Time Dowsing.

This could be the answer to some long lasting issues that we are unable to collapse other ways.

This Manual is not for beginners in the field of Dowsing but intermediate and advanced practitioners. It is a Manual that can be used by our students from Level 1 and 2 of our Online Course in Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing as we understand they have received very strong foundational teachings in Dowsing and Pendulum Healing work.

To work with this manual you will need a Mental pendulum. At Baj Pendulos we make a clear distinction between Mental Dowsing and Vibratory Radiesthesia. These two branches of Dowsing are performed using different parts of our brains, different principles and different tools.

Good pendulums to work in Time Dowsing are: The Spiral Pendulum, the Karnak Black, Hathor, Isis 8+2, Isis 3+3, Batisseur.

Alternatively, you can also work with the Chaga Pendulum which has a strong shamanic component which will help you time travel.

This Manual will provide you with clear explanations of the concepts described and clear step by step protocols of action in order to Dowse in Time.


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