Manual Ground, center and align yourself


Manual + Dowsing sheet chart PDF English


Manual Ground, center and align yourself, 3 steps for harmony, PDF English

Grounding, centering and alignment are three key bioenergetic actions and states to keep us in harmony and balance.

The importance of these three elements is crucial if we wish to enjoy awake, healthy, vital energy fields capable of radiating the fullness of our true essence and our infinite possibilities.

In this manual we analyze each aspect one by one, as well as the main causes why we lose our connection with the Earth, our centering and alignment. We also address the negative consequences that these imbalances can cause (to us and our clients if we are therapists) and finally we address a DOWSING PROTOCOL with a client profile based on more than 50 questions that will help us to isolate the dynamics and particular problems of the person in our sessions. Finally, we offer dowsing commands fully focused on providing help for the resolution of these imbalances and access to other types of solutions through information contained in our appendix and reflected in the dowsing sheet that accompanies the manual.

All good bioenergetic therapy should consider these three elements in their practice.


Dowsing sheet

The manual is accompanied by a PDF dowsing sheet in A3 and Ansi Format B formats to work with the entire dowsing protocol described in the manual and to be able to analyze the parameters to be measured during the session by dowsing and / or another form of biofeedback.





  • Manual in PDF, A6 format, in English, Pages:108
  • Dowsing sheet chart in PDF English,formats A3 and Ansi format B




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