The Bioenergetics of Karma Manual (Pdf)


Manual and Dowsing Sheet chart in PDF English


The Bioenergetics of Karma Manual and PDF (English) 

Eventhough there are theories that Karma has disappeared and that we are in a “karma-free” era, the fact is that from a bioenergetic perspective we continue to detect the traces of the consequences of our actions, in the subtle field of our clients.

This manual addresses from different lines of thought, philosophies and Spiritual traditions the concept of Karma, Tikun, the consequences of our actions and creations as well as the bioenergetic implications that we face as a result of the delicate balance between what has been given to call the “positive Karma” and the “negative Karma”.

In addition to an extensive explanation about Karma, its bioenergetic dynamics, the manual includes a Dowsing work protocol with questions, Dowsing solutions and an appendix with lists to investigate in detail the specific situation of our clients and their specific karmic profile.

Karma is a complex reality, we can find its traces isolated or immersed in structures and dynamics of biological, transgenerational, ancestral conflicts, involving past lives, individual and group dynamics, among others.



The Manual is accompanied by a PDF Dowsing sheet that allows us to navigate between the sections of the protocol and the different lists of options in the appendix for greater comfort in obtaining answers in our inquiry.



  • Medium and advanced level dowsers (From Level 1 of our training), people with experience in the therapeutic use of pendulums.



  • People new to Dowsing with little experience in handling pendulums
  • People with mental and emotional imbalances that make it difficult or impossible for the person to stay centered and in neutral mode during the Dowsing session.



In the manual we offer a list of pendulums suitable for working with these karmic dynamics.

One of the most suitable pendulums to work on this issue due to its intention when created by us and the internal remedies, and the force of the Spiritual Tradition behind the pendulum is:

The Siddhi Pendulum



This manual is an ideal complement to those who work in depth cleaning the energy field of people. They can very well combine the information contained in this manual with other documents in our collection such as:


Legal notice. Dowsing is NOT a substitute for the medical care required by those with a clinical condition




  • Manual in English, Format A6, PDF pages:82
  • Dowsing Sheet Chart in PDF English formats A3 and ANSI FORMAT B




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