Dowsing Key 7: Dowsing to liberate the Pain Body


PDF manual IN ENGLISH downloadable 80 pages.


Dowsing to Liberate the Pain Body

This is a crucial Dowsing Key at this point in our evolution. From a bioenergetic perspective, the pain body is found everywhere and is holding us back from moving onto higher levels of vibrational frequencies which can uplift our planet and our lives.

This manual covers in depth the concept of Pain body and how to work with it from a Dowsing.Radiesthetic perspective.

The Manual has two main parts: a theory and a practice where a full protocol is provided and an appendix with scanning or Dowsing lists to work this issue.

“Source whispered to me, it is time to release the pain body”, this manual is our contribution to this imporant step in our evolution. Barbara Meneses

Dowsing Keys Series:

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Who can use theses Keys:

Any Dowser who has a foundation in Dowsing, a level of confidence in their accuracy levels.


For legal purposes this Manual falls in the category of personal experience information and is not a substitute for proper medical or psychological care shall you or your clients have any clinical condition. Dowsing is not a substitute for medical care. This manual does not promise you a pain relieff in Medical terms.


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PDF manual 80 pages in ENGLISH (format A6). Downloadable upon purchase. Make sure you type correctly your email if not we won´t be able to send you the pdf.



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