Dowsing Keys 02: Traumas and Blockages




Dowsing Keys 02: How to clear traumas and blockages efficiently

In this second volume of our Dowsing Keys we address a very important part of the healing work of any dowser: blockages and traumas tend to limit not only the life of our clients, be it animals or persons but also they limit the ability of the healer to work efficiently with their clients.

This is why, clearing blockages and the negative consequences of trauma can be a stand alone healing modality or be integrated as part of a global pendulum healing session.

This 70 pages ebooklet in A6 format (PDF) covers in depth a great amount of variables to consider when tracking down traumas and blockages.

The work provides techniques, tips, suggestions, dowsing commands both from a mental and vibratory radiesthesia perspective. It also contemplates different choices of pendulums that are more proficient in the removal of these elements within our body-mind system.

We suggest that you print the document to better work with it.

Gift yourself the opportunity to perform your own personal self healing work clearing your own traumas and blockages as well as supporting others in your life, or else your clients in doing so. The more we clear these dense elements the more we will be able to flourish, to mature and to allow our many gifts and talents to become manifested in our lives for our highest good and the highest good of all.



We have created a separate Double Sheet Dowsing Chart in PDF specifically with all the elements included in the protocols of this Manual. You can purchase the Chart separatedly in this link:

Double Sheet Dowsing Chart Traumas and Blockages 


Video presentation of the Dowsing Keys



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