Dowsing Manual: Heal your projections




Heal your projections: a pendulum healing work

Those suffering from projections cast upon by others, know deep within their “bones” how painful this is. Some of these projections remain within us, influencing us negatively for years. These projections might be responsible for our many failures to overcome addictions, negative habits which keep us in limitation not experiencing our highest aspirations and goals.

A projection is a powerful mental imprint cast upon someone or something, even a company with a psycho-energetic charge that can burden the receptor of it and condition his behavior, way of thinking and even the options he/she has in life. This can have a lasting impact upon the victims of such projections.

This Manual covers in detail what are projections what are their negative consequences on a mental, emotional,  physical, spiritual and energetic level and how to work from a Dowsing and pendulum healing perspective to heal/clear them.

The manual has a step by step process guiding you to explore this subject in your Dowsing sessions and provide solutions.

RECOMENDATION: We do not recommend the use of this manual to beginners in the field of Dowsing, Pendulum Healing. (Students of ours who have done our Level 1 and 2 are ready to work with this material).

DISCLAIMER: Dowsing and this manual is by no means a substitute to proper medical, psychological care shall you suffer from any condition requiring medical treatment.


A pdf Manual 80 pages format A6



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