The Siddhi Pendulum + manual


Pendulum + PDF Manual+ Attunement to the pendulum


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The Siddhi Pendulum

Enlightened power in service of Healing


Created on the full moon of March 1st under the auspicious star sign of Magha in the sign of Leo, representing Royalty consciousness with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi bringing her abundance and wealth into the powerful pendulum. Created in the hour of Surya the Sun God.

Due to the powerful forces present at the moment of its creation, in this full moon of Magha so auspicious with the presence in the Earth plane of the Siddhas and Mahasiddhas bestowing their blessings, this pendulum can be considered a powerful talisman for you. It will be attuned especially for you when purchasing it, so please let us know the name and date of birth of the user of the pendulum so we can perform this attunement.Created with three sacred and secret herbs known to the Siddhas to bring Enlightenment, promote Divine Intelligence, help the acquisition of Siddhi powers, bring about instant manifestations, support karma removal among others.

The Siddhi pendulum is a pendulum that can be used in Mental Dowsing and Vibratory radiesthesia. It has a powerful charge of the Pure Centering Vibration along with ancient herbs known to the Siddhas to promote Enlightenment, spiritual purification and upliftment.

The pendulum comes along a Manual with 86 pages with ways in which you can use the pendulum combining it with wisdom from the Siddhas.This includes information on how to:

  • Clear the aura. Supports the transmission of Divine Light into your field.
  • Clear and activate your chakras
  • Support  karma removal
  • Support in awakening siddhi powers within you.
  • Support in manifesting your wishes
  • Support in connecting with your Inner guru, your true Self
  • Support clearing obstacles in the way
  • Support in working with ancestral healing and clearings
  • Works wonderfully for space clearing.
  • Support and guidance for your Spiritual path
  • Access a field of information from the Siddha lineage.
  • Access to working with Archetypical forces from the Siddha lineage
  • and much more, the sky is the limit with this pendulum

Thus pendulum will be especially attuned to your energy field. Write to us a note when purchasing to give us the full name and date of birth of the user of the pendulum so we can perform the attunement.Please allow a few days for the integration to occur after the attunement.

The radiesthetic color base of this pendulum is white making it an ideal pendulum for healing and clearing. It also has the Pure Centering Vibration one of the most elevated frequencies available connecting us to Source and making this device a highly centering force.


Product details:

Pendulum + Manual in English in PDF format+ personal attunement of the pendulum to your energy field.PLEASE PROVIDE IN THE AREA “NOTES” when placing the order the full name and date of birth of the person who will own the pendulum. If you do not write this information we cannot attune the pendulum.

Beech wood, hand painted in copper. Please allow imperfections as it is individually made.(picture might vary depending on light, the copper color is a medium copper color). A unique talisman for your spiritual upliftment!

Size aprox: 12,5 cm height by 5 cm width. Aprox weight: 70 grams.

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