Mahasiddha set of labels


Set of 22 physical labels+PDF Manual and Dowsing chart English


The Mahasiddha Set of labels for Hebrew type pendulum (Metutelet)

(22 physical labels +PDF Manual and PDF Dowsing chart, English)

The Mahasiddha set of labels is for those resonating with the concept of the Great Perfection, Mahamudra and the hindu/Buddhist tradition. This set of 22 labels allows to tap into the wisdom and spiritual power of the great Siddhas ancient sages and enlightened ones who performed exhaustive purification practices to lift their consciousness and their biofields to achieve greater states of inner perfection.

The set is aimed at working on a deep spiritual level to purify our fields, reconnect us to Source, clear our fields, bring in Divine qualities and other high spiritual vibrations.


The River Flow set has been created to work with Hebrew pendulums, also called Metutelet. We have created our own special version of the Metutelet pendulum which you can find HERE.

Pendulum sold separatedly


We consider the ideal practitioner (Dowser) to use this set is an intermediate to advanced practitionner, someone who is familiar with the Metutelet Hebrew pendulum and knows how to perform a dowsing session safely and effectively for a client or in self treatments.

Learn more about our practitionner´s levels for the purpose of better choosing among our tools and offerings HERE.



  • 22 Physical labels made in a special cloth measurements per label aprox: 10,3cm long by 4,5cm wide
  • PDF Manual in English format A6, pages 35
  • PDF Dowsing sheet chart in A3 and Ansi B format, in English
  • Set can be attuned to its owner please write to us full name and date of birth in the area allocated for NOTES when purchasing the product.




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