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Manual+Dowsing Sheet chart PDF English


The False Light Manual and Dowsing sheet chart PDF, English

The False light is a concept that derives from the noxious activities of the Fallen ones who disconnected themselves from the true original Light of Source.

This realm is infected with False light and we are called more and more to discern when we are being deviated from our paths and from the true original Light by teachings, practices, activities in which we open ourselves to the negative influence of this so called False light,

The manual is a Dowsing approach to analyse and work out the causes, consequences in which we may have fallen prey to the False light and provides a Dowsing protocol with questions, solutions and empowered Dowsing commands to help us in self treatment sessions or sessions to others.

The manual helps us clear ourselves and also rises awareness and conscious realizations about the impact of the False light in our lives.

False light checkings are useful for instance when:

  • You plan to take a course, a teaching
  • You plan to learn a new practice
  • You are finding unusual difficulties in your life, in your goals
  • You are having relationship issues and lack of clarity surrounds your isses
  • You are having blockages on your self growth path, your spiritual journey, soul purpose mission
  • When you find yourself to be unusually inaccurate in your Dowsing sessions
  • You and/or your space (home, office) has unusual denser energies
  • You don´t access your gifts and talents
  • Others: any time when the usual answers and causes&conditions do not provide a response

Dowsing sheet chart

The Manual is offered with a Dowsing sheet chart printable to help us navigate through the protocol of questions and solutions. PDF, English, formats A3 and Ansi format B

This manual is not for stricly beginners but for intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced practitioners for more information on these levels please visit this LINK






  • Manual in English, PDF format A6 pages 54
  • Dowsing Sheet Chart in PDF, English  Formats A3 and Ansi FormatB
  • (Copies only for the buyer, printing permission only for the buyer and for personal or therapeutic use)




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