Dowsing Key 01: The Flow of Love




Dowsing Key 01: The Flow of Love

Here is our first ebooklet of a series called Dowsing Keys. Our main focus is to inspire you to investigate new processes, new ways of dowsing or pendulum healing, new ways of thinking about solutions.

This first monographic is about the Flow of Love which is a very interesting concept from a radiesthetic point of view. In the booklet you will find out how the Flow of Love is deeply connected to your personal wavelength and what shuts down this vital flow in our lives and our societies.

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You will read a first hand experience showing you how to restore this vital Flow of Love and you will discover a secondary yet deeply important flow that also affects our overall well being.

We thought we would start this series with another topic but obviously the Universe had something else in mind. When reflecting upon this, we realize how the need to reestablish the Flow of Love in Humanity and the Earth is of vital importance if we want to survive as a species and as a planet.

Many of the most horrific events in this world have caused the withdrawal of the Flow of Love from the planet. This flow acts actually as a protection for the entire living ecosystem. Wars, famine, deception, manipulation, genocide and the rest of horrors we have had to face have been directly related to the fall, the withdrawal of the flow of Love.

For the process described in the ebooklet we used the Chaga Pendulum and the Neutral Pendulum. This process can be performed with your own pendulums. Another useful pendulum for this work is the Spiral Pendulum.

Video presentation of the Dowsing Keys

This series is aimed at:

The Dowsing Keys are aimed at intermediate level dowsers and beyond. It is an ideal series for students who have taken our Level 1 Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing course (currently only in Spanish).

We do not encourage the use of pendulums to those who are mentally and/or emotionally unstable. Performing the processes described in this series of Dowsing Keys is entirely up to the readers who, in doing so, assume 100% responsability for their own health and well being.

Stay tuned for more Dowsing Keys!

Format: PDF, 13 pages.

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