Dowsing Key 4: How to Heal the Inner Child


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How to Heal the Inner Child with Pendulums

The fourth Dowsing Key focuses on a vital aspect of our being, the Inner Child a concept that is analysed in great depth in this work in order to understand what is the Inner Child and what are the dynamics that affect him or she the most. This Key follows the 3rd Dowsing Key in which we worked at understanding the Matrix and seeing how this oppressive structure aims at controlling the Inner Child within us.

This Dowsing Key offers three approaches and three different methods of healing the Inner Child.

We will be working with:

-The Inner Child as a sub personality of the Psyche

-The Inner Child as a reflection of our Subconscious Mind

-The Inner Child as an emanation from our true essence and our vital connection to Source.

Each approach is developped from a radiesthetic point of view providing 3 protocols of action and describing the best pendulums to work with this vital aspect of our being.

When healing the Inner Child and its relationship to the rest of our being, our sessions will be much easier and fluid.




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