Dowsing Keys 03: How to dowse the Matrix out of your Self

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Ebooklet in A6 format, PDF 80 pages. ENGLISH


Dowsing Key 03: How to dowse the Matrix out of your Self

This is our third Dowsing Key and a very powerful process to break free from the false construct that has been called the Matrix. This ebook offers insights into the very nature of the Matrix and how it keeps us trapped and what it wants from us.

This Dowsing Key unlocks a powerful process to free one´s Consciousness from the false system that has kept us in bondage for eons. You will learn to what degree you are being trapped and which areas of your life are still under the control of the Matrix. You will access different dowsing processes to release yourself from the entanglements of this construct and to bring your conscious awareness to a greater level so that you can remain more self empowered and in your sovereignty.


A profound radiesthetic work that is clearly explained in detail for you to follow through and regain your sovereignty as a Free Being and access to your many gifts and talents. Your dowsing skills will improve once out of the false construct. There is a big difference between dowsing inside the Matrix and out of it, free from conditionings and limitations that hinder your practice through all possible angles.



Product Details:

Ebooklet in pdf format, A6 size 80 pages in ENGLISH.

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3 reviews for Dowsing Keys 03: How to dowse the Matrix out of your Self

  1. Barb meneses

    Deirdre.T from the USA:

    “Thank you for the dowsing key manuals. No 3 caught my attention. The Matrix. I flicked through to the declaration……….and just felt the energy in it for me. I read it through and felt myself shifting as I went. At the end I felt a little holding on and had to release energy around ‘sovereign’. Soon as that was done I sat a while and felt the shift. It feels like a light has been turned on for me. I feel like there is time – more peaceful. I just finished a session with someone and we zoned in easily on the issue at hand. Within a couple of hours of having the manual – I feel a great shift. Thank you.”

  2. Barb meneses

    Noelia writes:
    “The third Dowsing key is an authentic blast. It has given me in words the feelings and sensations I have felt for years, it is a tool with an incredible potential! In fact, the three Dowsing Keys are really good, the second Dowsing Key is trully wonderful”.

  3. Barb meneses

    Juani writes:
    “CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE KEY 3 !!! I think it’s great !!!
    It is very clear, concise and goes straight to the point, giving guidance to, in a practical way, to realize what the Matrix is ​​and how it works, as well as, of course, how to dismantle it. You provide a great tip on”exiting” the matrix and the notion that it takes two to tango, because they are GIANT keys along with the declaration of sovereignty and the exercises you propose . They are the total key tools to “get us out”. You have the ability to take super complicated subjects and make them comprehensible and understandable on a practical and everyday level !!! CONGRATULATIONS Barbara!
    By the way, I was at an 8/10 with respect to being influenced by the Matrix, now I’m at a 5/10 …. And I hope to go down and down to 0/10 soon 🙂 “

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