The DNA pendulum


Attuned Pendulum+Manual in PDF English+Double Dowsing chart

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The DNA Pendulum

Pendulum+Manual in pdf+Attunement+Dowsing chart in pdf

The DNA pendulum is a tool that has been created by Baj Pendulos Spain (and manufactured by Baj LAB) after years researching the bioenergetic dimension of the DNA.

This pendulum has a powerful charge of Cycloastragenol an active ingredient from the Astragalus root known to elongate the telomeres as proven by Scientific experimentations. This ingredient can cost up to 500 euros for a month´s treatment and is said to support cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. It is thus a potent anti-aging.  Astragalus is used in Chinese Traditional Medicine as a powerful overall tonic for the body.



The DNA pendulum has also a powerful charge of Pure Centering Vibration, an ingredient resonating strongly with the vibration of Spiritual Gold, able to center ourselves in our axis, open our connection to Source and expand our consciousness.

Also, the DNA pendulum has an energetic charge connecting the pendulum with the original blueprint of the 12 layers template DNA, for us to work activating our DNA and supporting the energetic activation of that of our client´s.  (For legal purposes, when we speak of DNA Activation we are focusing on the energetic dimension solely).

The DNA molecule informs and transmits coded information to all living organisms. It is thus an “intelligence” that is able to sustain and replicate (copy) life. It is, therefore, susceptible to be “contacted” and we can communicate with the DNA by different means such as by Dowsing. This bioenergetic dialogue which is at the core of the work taught in our Online courses allows us to find sources of imbalance and provide solutions to balance our fields.


The work that can be done with the DNA is also aimed at activating latent gifts and talents, abilities that can enhance our lives.

The Pendulum

The Pendulum is an Isis 12 batteries connected with the 12 interdimensional layers of the DNA, the 12 dimensions of consciousness.

The Manual

The 67 pages manual covers what is the DNA from a Scientific perspective, from an intuitive perspective. It describes the properties of the DNA pendulum and the ways in which we can use it in simple and advanced manners. The manual also provides a set of Dowsing commands to help us work with the pendulum.

Double Dowsing chart

The pendulum is also sold with a Double dowsing chart in which we can ask relevant questions following the manual´s information and also use certain graphs and images to scan our DNA or else make some Dowsing corrections when working with the DNA.

Attunement to the pendulum

The pendulum is attuned to the DNA and energy field of the owner of the pendulum (please make sure to write your full name and date of birth in the NOTES section of the ordering page. If you are purchasing this as a gift to someone else, make sure you let us know the name and date of birth of this person. Make sure you type your email correctly


LEGAL ADVICE+DISCLAIMER: Dowsing and dowsing tools such as pendulums are NOT substitutes to proper Medical care shall you suffer from any clinical condition. The information provided here is for Dowsing information purpose only and is not meant to reflect any scientific study on the DNA. We do not advise the use of pendulum tools or Dowsing to those suffering Psycho-emotional disorders or any medical condition.




  • Pendulum. An Isis 12 batteries pendulum in wood, hand painted in golden yellow (allow imperfections). Weight: 30 grams. Comes with a pouch. size 12cm height.
  • Attunement to the pendulum: The pendulum will be attuned to the user of the pendulum. Please write the name of the user if different from the one purchasing it. Use the section NOTES in the filling forms.Make sure you write correctly your email if not we won´t be able to reach you.
  • Manual in English, 67 pages in PDF format explaining uses of the pendulum and providing a protocol of Dowsing work
  • Double Dowsing chart in PDF with information to navigate through the information provided in the manual. The charts are provided in 2 formats: A3 (Europe) and Ansi format B (USA). We don´t provide other formats you will need to adjust your printer or request so at your printing local store).


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