Rahma the essene set of labels



Rahma the essene set of labels for hebrew Metutelet type of pendulums

(33 physical labels in special cloth+ PDF Manual in English, Dowsing sheet chart in English PDF)

We have created this set of Essene labels to turn our Metutelet pendulums into Essene tools for working with the vibration and spiritual radiation of the Essenes and their healing approach.

These are 33 physical labels made in a special cloth, with a deep energetic and spiritual work on each of the labels in order to radiate the healing power of the Essene tradition, with a series of concepts in tune with their spiritual understanding.

With this set we convert the Metutelet pendulum into an Essene spiritual healing tool, and we can carry out harmonization sessions using the information in the manual, the explanations of the labels and the dowsing sheet that will allow us to detect which label (s) we need for each purpose that arises in the work sessions with a pendulum.

The set has been created for a Hebrew pendulum, and specifically for our Metutelet Pendulum, which is larger than those found on the market. If you use a smaller Hebrew pendulum, the ends of the label will overlap BUT that doesn’t matter in our set as what matters is the radiation from the ENTIRE label and NOT the radiation from the reflected word(s) on each label that serve only to tell us what label it is and what its general purpose is.

The Manual is NOT a dowsing course neither in the Metutelet pendulum nor in the Essene labels. The manual explains the founding principles of the Essene tradition as far as we have been able to investigate and offers information on labels and their purpose for inspiration. The dowser must apply his knowledge in Hebrew pendulum and therapeutic dowsing to make his own work sessions with the pendulum. In the future we do not rule out offering some training in this regard, announced on the courses page.

Who is this set for?

To medium and advanced level dowsers, with basic knowledge of the Metutelet Pendulum and in effectively performing therapeutic dowsing sessions.

More information about our classification by dowsing levels in this LINK





This set was designed to be worked with the Hebrew Pendulum also called the Metutelet pendulum. We have created our own special version of the classical Metutelet pendulum which you can purchase HERE.








  • 33 labels in canvas or cloth (some of the labels are written in “Aramean script” others will be in English it is the way we created them)
  • PDF Manual in A6 format English, pages 81
  • Dowsing sheet chart in PDF English formats A3 and ANSI B
  • Possibility to attune the set to its owner, leave us your full name and date of birth in the area for NOTES when placing the order


An original creation of Pura Presencia, made with pure conscious and integral intent for the highest good of ALL.

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