As a guide we have classified our pendulums into levels of use. Obviously the most advanced dowser can do wonders with the most basic tool. But this classification is aimed more at those novice or intermediate level practitioners who have some insecurity when assessing whether a tool is for their current level of dowsing or not.

In short, we do not want to limit or direct anyone, so this classification is ONLY indicative. We hope that it will help you determine for yourselves if the tool you want to buy will serve you in the short, medium and long range, a question that on the other hand is always recommended that you ask yourself before buying pendulums or anything else in life.

Also our aim in this page is that you transition from a Basic to an intermediate level and from an intermediate to an advanced level through all our offerings,so the goal is for you to be an advanced practitioner! With practice,enthusiasm and inspiration YOU can do it…where are here to assist you on your journey through our manuals, courses, and other offerings.

Basic Level Pendulums

In Mental radiesthesia: we refer to the typical “first” pendulums that we will have and that are general for basic uses such as asking questions of the type YES, NO, I don’t know, I don’t answer. A classic example is the Isis 4 batteries in its brass and gold versions.
In vibratory dowsing: we refer to simple tools but that allow us to make a basic use when we are new and perhaps an advanced use when we are more experts. For example, the basic tool in vibratory dowsing is the Neutral Pendulum. (But being basic does not mean that it is not of advanced use). This pendulum is taught to use in our Level 1 and 2 courses of our training in Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing.



Intermediate Level Pendulums

We could consider that most of the vibratory dowsing pendulums on our website that have a charge of internal remedies are intermediate level pendulums, with the exception of charged pendulums that, due to their shape or properties, require more advanced use, such as: DNA pendulum Archangels Pendulum, etc.

A person with a basic and/or intermediate level of dowsing can use the intermediate level pendulums by following the instructions in the manuals that we offer with the pendulums when they have a manual or with their own dowsing training.


Advanced Level Pendulums

In mental dowsing: they are pendulums that, due to their shape and vibration, require certain expertise and know-how for their use. It does not mean that a person with a basic level cannot use it, but it is possible that without training, much of the potential use of the pendulum will be lost.
In vibratory dowsing: we are talking about pendulums that have a powerful vibration that requires good know-how and proper dowsing training for its use. Some of these pendulums have online courses on our page to be able to handle them satisfactorily, such as the Archangels pendulum.
Other pendulums that we consider advanced would be the pendulums without charge but with Osiris heads such as the Osiris 9 Gold, the Osiris macro, or the Osiris 9 black, because those pendulums exclusively have the Green Negative radiation and we understand that a new student who does not know If you don’t understand about dowsing colors or how to do a session safely, you should refrain from buying these tools until you are adequately trained in vibrational dowsing.


Level Combinations

All Advanced Dowsers can benefit and make the best out of ALL of our pendulums but not all basic practitioners can do the same until they improve their dowsing skills.

On some occasions we will mark a pendulum as Basic-intermediate, intermediate-advanced or directly for all levels. These are tools that can serve multiple functions and people who are at different levels in their learning and practice of dowsing.

We hope that this information and the effort to classify our material in this way will help you make your decision when purchasing a dowsing tool.

We use a similar classification for our Online courses and our Manuals and that you can find in the following LINK.





Dowsing practitioner levels