Osiris 9 Pendulum (Gold)


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Osiris 9 Pendulum Gold

This is the Gold Plated version of the Osiris pendulum with 9 elements that has the ability to emit very high vibrational frequencies when it is composed of these nine batteries. It can be dismembered into 2 or 3 parts to avoid over exposure to negative green radiesthetic color.  These vibrational energies are said to be very purifying and promote the proper functioning of our subtle energetic anatomy. When Gold Plated, the  energy of the pendulum will have the added  vibration of Gold to obtain a beautiful and powerful energy for healing work. Gold is a very strengthening vibration for the human energy field bringing courage, strength, confidence, enlightnment, empowerment among other qualities.

These pendulums were created in honor of the Deity Osiris, husband and brother of Isis. The shape of the Osiris was extensively researched by the french school of vibratory radiesthesia. It is a potent emitter of the radiesthetic color green negative, a carrier wave that has caused many confusion and even fear because of its ability to promote the momification, sterilisation of living cells. Green negative has the ability to destroy the micro-organisms responsible for putrefaction and thus supports greatly any process of healing requiring the elimination of deadly cells in a living organism.

The Osiris pendulum emitting green negative as a carrier wave, can be used in mental radiesthesia to send commands and instructions to benefit the subject of our session. With its nine batteries, this pendulum is also able to work with very high frequency vibrations which are a deeply tranformative frequencies, that will bring issues to the surface to be cleared out.

This high vibrational energy is not for the light hearted. It will sturr things up for your highest good changing your life into a new pulsation.

We can harness the power of number 9 with this pendulum calling forth the vibrational forces of: COMPLETION, ATTAINMENT, DETACHMENT, INITIATION, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND WISDOM.

The tarot card associated with number 9 is THE HERMIT.

The number 9 is connected to the power of Three times Three and the movement of the Spiral. 9 is a cyclic pulse of time. The mayans have temples with 9 steps going upwards to meet the power of the Sun.

May this symbology help you discover the hidden secrets of this pendulum and its shape emitting vibrational qualities.

We recommend this pendulum to experienced dowsers.

Caution: Please make sure to dismantle the pendulum to keep it away. Do so by the center of the pendulum and not by its upper top or else it will be more difficult to mount it again.

This pendulum needs to be dismantled when not in use. Do not carry it mounted in your pocket. Be mindful with this tool.

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Measurement: 7cm  long.

Weight:30 gr.

Material: Gold Plated Brass.


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