Many areas of the world are currently being cleared from very dense energies that have been rampant since eons. A huge clearing operation is underway from different dimensions of existence in support of the Earth.
Yesterday we worked with the Violet Flame pendulum assisting one particular lightworker who was being targeted for her work in her local area. Even her kids were surprised at the level of nasty attacks she suddenly started receiving.
The Violet Flame helped her inmensely. She felt asleep as we worked with her at a distance and had a dream where she was in her area very happily…as we finished the session, she dreamed I called her to wake her up, she heard me wake her up and she then read my message telling her that we had finished the work. How synchronistic and beautiful!
Such is the nature of the benevolent Violet Flame pendulum, in servide to Humanity, Mother Earth all living benevolent Kingdoms (animal, plant, minerals…)
We also received this first testimonial from a Dowser who worked with the Violet Flame for the first time:
First testimonial for the Violet Flame penfulum:
“Barbara yesterday I worked with the violet Flamependulum and today I am much more silent and peaceful. I have a problem in my ears that I test is due to having an upgrade and I treated myself with the violet flame pendulum to eliminate blockages and resistances that I could have and thus alleviate the annoyance
And then I took it with me to sleep and put it under my pillow, it’s very subtle but it works great and today my ears are much better “
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