Collapsing timelines Manual



Collapsing timelines Manual

This is a practical manual exploring the nature of timelines, the possible interferences between different timelines and their impact from a bioenergetic and radiesthetic perspective upon our lives, the lives of our clients.

The possibility of living in an ocean of multiple possibilities that give rise to the experience of different timelines has been explored in the fields of Quantum Physics, in the arts and science fiction arenas.

Each moment of the day we generate options and possibilities by means of all our choices and decisions. We open infinite fields of possibilities by means of our creative capacities.

This manual will help you navigate from a radiesthetic perspective these phenomena. You will be able to track down whether you or your client is timeline jumping, whether this is beneficial for him or not and what can you do to support someone who is being affected from the interference of one or several timelines.

(…) Remember that we said that a timeline is a consciousness phenomena, it is not a tangible experience but rather a subtle one. What moves from one timeline to another is an aspect of our consciousness that observes life from that line. If we identify ourselves with a particular line, we might live all existence identified with it. We experience ourselves then “asleep” in relation to other timelines.

This idea of being asleep or awake is important when we work with timelines because oftentimes we are asleep in almost all timelines in which our consciousness interacts. Only a purely awakened consciousness can experience all timelines simultaneously WITHOUT identifying (and fragmenting itself into the character assigned to him/she in that particular timeline).(…) Barbara Meneses, Collapsing timelines


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