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Dowsing and Artificial Intelligence Manual and Dowsing chart in PDF

Artificial Intelligence in combination with computer, telematic, Phone networks and new technologies are in full swing and apogee. However few are those who speak of the possible negative consequences and implications for the body, the mind, the nervous system, the subtle field of the human being, animal and Nature. Too much money at stake to risk all the investments made in that sector to finance studies that could destroy these supposed advances.

From a Dowsing perspective we can analyze these issues and estimate whether, on a personal level, we are being negatively affected by these technologies, to what extent, how and from when, and what solutions we can provide to help us alleviate these symptoms.

The Dowsing and Artificial Intelligence Manual analyzes this question from an energetic-subtle perspective and addresses a possible study and radiesthetic analysis of the effects of these tools on us and our environment.

More than 70 Dowsing questions to address this question in our sessions and more than 50 Dowsing commands to work the negative consequences of possible interferences by Artificial Intelligence, computer-telematics technology and derivatives, as well as those who are behind these tools.

The material contained in this document may constitute a complete Dowsing session focused on the impact of new technologies on ourselves, our clients

The Manual contains a special focus on children and young people exposed to possible addictions to the Internet, video games, virtual reality games, etc. The Manual includes solutions to help parents and young people become aware and reduce the negative impact of these possible addictions.

As with all our manuals and work proposals, this document is not intended to be exhaustive, as technology advances we will ask new questions to analyze new parameters.

The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence

In the Manual, we address some implications and connections to the “dark” forces in relation to AI and technology. Those who reject this possibility may enter into cognitive dissonance (*) with respect to parts of the information contained in this manual. Therefore we recommend that you test with your pendulums BEFORE buying this manual, if the material contained in it will benefit you and / or your clients in the short, medium and long term. So you will make a more informed decision about it.



(*) Cognitive dissonances are not bad per se, they are in fact an engine of progress and progress. But for some people they are an insurmountable barrier that prevents them from getting the most out of what they study / read, hence our recommendation to test before buying this manual.


Dowsing sheet – chart in PDF

The dowsing sheet provided facilitates navigation through the working protocols described in the Manual and helps with the measurement of levels and parameters of the Dowsing search based on the topic covered in the written manual.

The sheet is offered in PDF in two formats: A3 and ANSI Format B



We DO NOT recommend the use of this manual to beginners in the art of Dowsing. A certain self-confidence and proficiency in your abilities with pendulums are required to make the most of this work. Among our students, those who have completed the Level 1 Online Course in Vibratory and Mental Dowsing and Pendulum Healing can work with this document.

This manual is an IDEAL complement for the students of the Warrior Dowsing Online Course since this subject fully enters and complements the topics covered in the course.

We do not recommend this manual or the use of Dowsing in general for people with mental / emotional imbalances.

Legal Notice: Dowsing is NOT a substitute for medical care required by those with a clinical condition. For all intents and purposes the material contained in this manual and sheet are purely FICTION.

This Manual is NOT, nor is it intended to be, a Geobiology course focused on technopathies.



PDF manual 128 pages A6 format

Dowsing sheet CHART in color PDF, A3 format and Ansi Format B (USA)




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